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Negative, I want to be able to use my Audigy 2 ZS cards using kX Audio drivers or else I had gotten a Xonar Essence ST/X card long time ago.

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I recommend the OP to check out MLE's thread on gaming headphones



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I don't have that much experience with gaming headsets nor audiophile headphones....but I used to have a cheap vibration headset many moons ago, I have sampled my brother's gaming headset (Turtle Beach PX 21 I think they're called) and I have my current set up which is an audiophile headphone.


I'm also in an extremely similar boat to you - PS3 play for enjoyment as opposed to competition mostly & blu ray watching. If your PS3 is close to your PC, and I presume it is if you're considering Xonar brands, I can tell you my set up when I'm gaming on PS3 and watching blu ray's especially with the 5.1 DTS HD-MA tracks sounds awesome....I can (naturally) wholeheartedly recommend you my set up for you to consider:


Asus Xonar Essence ST/X (pretty much the pinnacle commercial audio card aimed squarely at audio quality that you can get - amazing!) 


Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (bass heavy, clampy but comfy, bright and open backed, mids apparently sucked out but I can't tell - very wide sounding, plenty of depth, incredibly detailed and surrounding.)


I also have a Fiio E7 which is awesome for portable use but for home use what I've listed there is pretty much all you'll need if you're in a similar boat to me. Absolutely engaging. Nothing lacking to my ear. Just glorious audio. It will run you about £230 if you're in the UK, but you do get what you pay for overall. That's why the PS3 is a fair bit more expensive than an Xbox 360 ;). All you might need though is an extra 6.5mm screw on adapter and rca to 3.5mm jack for your line in cable linking your PS3 audio cables to your Essence audio card. But they're irrelevant as dirt cheap on ebay. Then once you're all set up, glorious HD Master Audio upscaled to 24bit/192khz PS3 anything done by the card after the fact well that's just a match made in heaven for me and is everything I was looking for. It didn't cost me a kidney either lol.

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I'm telling ya bro, HFI-580 or the HD555's for gaming. the DT770's sound nice but have a tiny sound stage and are about on-par with the HFI-580's as far as bass go's but they extend a bit deeper.


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