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My parts should be in tomorrow.

I'm planning on putting mine together Friday.


I did some hi-res scans of the boards if anyone needs them.


I'll take some pictures of the build in progress too.

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My parts showed up today. I'm sorting through them now. Hopefully I'll have it going tomorrow night.  I've been distracted tonight with the DT48 cans that got here today also.

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I think I got my PCM soldered on first try.

I miss my stereo microscope for this work...


SkeletonDAC PCM Soldered.jpg

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I'd say that looks pretty clean.  The only thing I can see is the solder is extending past the pads on the bottom left pins.  Probably not an issue.


Did you pin-by-pin it or drag and wipe?

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I did it pin by pin.

The little tails show I didn't use enough flux.

It probably would not have been a problem if the

pads were longer. I'll probably re-flow it to get rid

of the tails.


With the combination of flux, solder and iron I used

to have at work, I could drag a little ball of solder along

the ends of the pins and it would do a perfect job without

leaving any bridges (and took about thirty second for a 

chip this size). I can't seem to get this method to work

at home, I get too many bridges. I just use the pin by pin

method at home.

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The pads on the production board will be longer.


I usually do the drag and wipe and then maybe a bit of braid to clean up the extra solder as my solder is a bit high gauge.



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Thats a good job too. Our soldering instructor would have been proud of you.

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Now I just need to get all my R and C to look that good.  I always end up with too much solder, even if I'm trying to be stingy.

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I am listening to this dac right now.  I finished it just  a few minutes ago and am so far impressed.  Right now I've just got it set up with the hp out.  I don't have an SPDIF dac finished yet to try that part out.  I've got it going into my ssmh and DT880's right now and it sounds good.  The detail in orchestral pieces is much clearer and it sounds like Alyson Krauss is standing right right in front of me.  Here is a pic of it as is sits right now.  I'll get it in the box this weekend.



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This worked fine with my pc but when I plug it into my Mac nothing happens.  Is it not compatible with OSX?  I hope it is since that is what I use as my source most all the time.


As mentioned the detail is really good.  I can actually hear the keys clicking clearly on an oboe in one of the high res samples from HD Tracks.  I could hear it before but it was always just kind of a blur, now it is very pronounced.


Just a little feed back on what I'm hearing so far.  I will spend a lot more time with it this weekend while I'm putting together the Pup1. 

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Should work.  From the datasheet:



Operating System
Microsoft Windows 98SE/Windows Me Japanese/English edition (For Windows 98SE and Windows Me,
the HID function is not fully functional with the default class driver.)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Japanese/English edition
Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional Japanese/English edition (For Windows XP, use the latest version
of the USB audio driver, which is available on the Windows update site, or apply Service Pack 1. See the Q310507
white paper available from Microsoft.)
Apple Computer Mac OS 9.1 or later Japanese/English edition
Apple Computer Mac OS X 10.0 or later English edition
Apple Computer Mac OS X 10.1 or later Japanese edition SP (For the Mac OS X 10.0 Japanese edition, plug
and play does not work appropriately for USB audio devices.)


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I'll keep trying it with the Mac and see what happens.

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Well, it lives!


If I was thinking before I started, I would have cut down the

leads on the DAC a bit. The sort pads turned out to be more

of a pain than I thought they would. At first pins 15 through 21 refused

to make contact with the pads but in the end I won. Sound is good

with the 220uF Silmic II on the output. I'll test out the SP/DIF when

I find either an RCA connector or cable I can chop up in my junk box.


Thanks Cobaltmute!

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The PCB program I use seems to have all its pads setup more for reflow than hand soldering.  Makes it a pain, as I usually have to go change all the footprints.


Glad you like it.

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Build seemed to go OK, plugged it into an XP box and got all the right device messages including "ready to use" but then 30sec later a "USB device not recognized" message.  Tried other ports, etc. and that error message pops up instantly.


Anything to try short of re-flowing things?




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