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No, use the base part & classes specified (e.g. BC550 - class C).  E.g. in the case you ask about either BC550CTA (ammo/tape) or BC550CBU (bulk/loose).


Curious, how many builds do you have under your belt?   The CTH is an intermediate level build, *lots* of parts in a tiny space, and misplacement / misalignment of any can ruin your day.  IOW IMO would not recommend CTH as a first project.

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I only have two builds has my belt: a Cmoy and a O2 amp!

However this is not the construction that worried me but right choice of components:o.

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Sorry I did not mean to offend, sounds good - an O2 build is a good warm-up:)


Good to confirm any questionable sub parts as you are doing.  But concentrate on Description field value in CTH XLS BoM when an exact part # is not available from your source(s).  E.g. in the Digikey BC550CGOS-ND EOL case see they suggest BC547C as direct substitute but would first search for sub using "BC550C" (from Description).

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I'm enjoying a lot my CTH and got a box of russian tubes with inside some submini tube (6N16B-V). I've seen than on the proto board, you started with it !

Does this tube can still be used  with Rev A design?

Do you have an optimal socket conversion cabling ?   (from filament to noval skipping pin 9)

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Had to go back in my archives for this one:)


First off I suppose your CTH has a regular 9-pin socket installed....  So maybe use a "9 PIN TUBE SOCKET SAVER FOR 12AX7" or "9 pin Machine made tube socket 12AX7" (w/o center pin) from fleabay to wire the pencil tube into so it can be inserted in CTH 9-pin socket.


Attaching my chicken-scratch sheets from when used 6N16B (6.3v heater) in the proto, to help you map its pinout.  Yes leave pin 9 unconnected.




N.B.  Of course use something like small dia. heat shrink tubing on 6N16B leads if there's any chance of them shorting.  If you do this please post back your results/impressions.

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Thanks this is quite helpful !

I will do it when i will receive some socket saver and try to do an adapter.


For now i also got some russian 6N6P (6н6п) i like the "airy" sound even if at first it seems to be not very fast. The gain is not very high but all is ok to power HD650 and T1.

The tube after 30 minutes of (active) burning  is more dynamic and i like a lot the sound of the CTH with it specially for pop, small ensemble.

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