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I do think it's possible nonamodnar! I would definitely consider the CTH kit an intermediate build, but it was my second build after an O2, and it was a success. If you're deliberate and careful, it's an enjoyable build. One great thing about this kit, is how complete it is. Unlike the Sunrise, CTH required wiring, drilling, etc. 

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That would definitely make my learning curve more interesting. Thank you Misterrogers.

I'm fine with wiring, but say, how much drilling is required for the CTH? I've drilled several woody goodies but I've never attempted on a PCB. How different would that be?

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With the CTH Kit, none :-) All you do is assemble. Traditionally, you must drill the case. Wiring is also preassembled, you just need to solder to the board. But definitely, no drilling the PCB itself :-)

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Haha, I made a fool of myself. Let us know when you have the kit ready for shipping. It would pair marvelously with my ODAC and LFF's Paradox. + great learning experience too.

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Any suggestion for a 6f8g adaptor that will work straight away without any modification?
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Hey all - Kits will be up at joeaudiophile.com today or tomorrow. Those of you that have been waiting - thanks for your patience! This run is limited (we have 4 left), but we're assembling more kits; should have them available in a couple of weeks. What we've tried to do with Joe's CTH Kit is address all of the tedium that goes along with a build of this complexity. Finding an attractive case, measuring and drilling, vetting thermals... all takes time and isn't cheap. Wiring is the part I dread; It can be fiddly and time consuming to do it right. We do it all for you; including disconnects that allow you to break down your case without desoldering the board. Standoffs, tie wraps, all there. The BOM for this kit is stock. The time, effort and expense went into quality components that make up the fit/finish of an amp. While the CTH is without a doubt an intermediate build, we chose it as our first kit because it's awesome amp that more should experience. We wanted to keep it alive and thriving. If you're a relative beginner, CTH is still quite doable. My first CTH was my second build ever. Go slow, take your time, study and ask questions. 


In the near future, we'll have Case Upgrade kits available for existing CTH owners that like our case work. They'll come as kits, because as you can imagine - the case has been designed around specific connectors, wiring, etc. That's it for now. Keep and eye on Joe's site for more to follow. I suggest that you contact us directly for questions regarding the kit. We shouldn't hijack this build support thread. Very soon I'll start up a Joe Kit construction thread in the DIY section.

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Anyone experienced a pop when turning off the amp? Mine made quite a loud noise... Also the e12 is overly sensitive, the LED keeps switching colors while I went through the setup. In some ways, I really want to skip this e12 thing...

Great sound though, nice dynamic.. I much prefer the CTH to the O2, which imo, is a big hype, never lives up to the expectation. Can't ask more for a $30 toy though.
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The CTH pop-at-pwr-off has been discussed, I give some info about it & a hack to avoid it here:



Yes the CTH e12 implementation is sensitive & I'd expect it to cycle when probing around/doing setup measurements.  Also when turning on/off connected source.  But hopefully not under normal usage/while listening to music.

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Thanks, I missed that mod.

Now the e12 brings up more headache for me... i have been listening for 2 hours straight, turned off to go have lunch, got back and turned the amp on. Now the e12 keeps tripping like hell... I suppose the Rev A already has revised resistors' values to reduce the e12's sensity... My output caps do have long and uneven leads though.
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It sounds like you know where to start to diag your CTH's e12 tripping problem.  There is of course something wrong because even before minor Rev A BoM changes the large majority of CTHs were working fine.  I've a CTH diag/debug link in my sig - you could *carefully* double-check & post your operating points.

But guesses are any non-std C4/coupling cap arrangement, possibly the tube, assuring the source has no DC offset, assuring adequate ventilation.  If nothing yields help search my posts for e12 resistor / sensitivity values & check yours against those/newest CTH BoM.


N.B.  A subtle but important distinction has & must be made between amb's e12 excellent design & revisions and the behavior of derivative implementations.  CTH's & SOHA II's e12s are derivative works based on earlier e12 designs, and their behavior in those headamps is unique to headamps themselves.  IOW the experience/behavior of CTH/SOHA II/etc e12 implementations is unique to those headamps.

IMO & practice, I'd not be comfortable using a tube hybrid w/o muting delay + DC offset protection, unless tests measurements showed it could not pass harmful DC to headphones.  Things like this:


could be happening w/o the user being aware it is.  IOW a harmless albeit annoying click is preferable over volts of DC undulating your drivers.  BTW think Schitt retrofitted a relay or something into the amps in that link.

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Thanks! I fooled around with the resistors and swapped different tube, the amp is making sound again.. Hopefully it will be stable this time.

I haven't cased up the amp, SG is not connected to the chassis. There is a slight background noise during the music, especially when touching the pot, I guess this will be solved when I finally put it in the chassis?
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I'd expect that noise to go away w/proper casing, grounding incl grounding the pot.
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Just wondering, is this the right adaptor for using the 6f8g? Is there any necessary modification to use it?
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What I know about it is found by searching for my posts for 6f8g.
Trying them is advanced/DIY/YouAreLargelyOnYourOwn IMO:)
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I've been driving the LCD-2s with my CTH/Bugle Boy ECC82 with pretty nice results, but have been wondering whether it's possible to do better. (CTH is my only amp at the moment). How ultimately good is this amp compared to commercial hybrids and transformer-coupled tube amps? For example, has anyone heard both the CTH and the Schiit Lyr and compared the sound quality?

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