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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

What model of X-Fi? XtremeAudio?

Don't know didn't check.


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Well, that makes a world of difference. X-Fi models differ more than expected, specially when each of the last 4 generations of Creative soundcards have had a "black sheep", which in the case of the first X-Fi gen is the XtremeAudio soundcard. But it goes back all the way to the first Audigy chipset, and even a model of the Live!.

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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

With Windows XP yea but I found Windows 7 to start distort a lot sooner with the vol slider set to 100% there was very audible distortion for me but it didn't in XP. Not to mention even the Gary's amp got too loud for me if I didn't lower the vol a bit and even used the lowest gain on the amp and with the potentiometer on the amp at a very low setting it would produce static and the optimal for the amp was to have the potentiometer like between 50~75% so for me it was a requirement to lower the windows vol.

You've been editing most your posts, I've had to read them all over again confused_face.gif


PA2V2's noise floor gets a bit high above 75%, but keep in mind that it performs better with at least medium gain values. This comes from both Gary and several users.


About you having distortion in Windows 7, it is related to the drivers, as even the older gen mods have some issues. If it wasn't for the EQ, I would recommend newer mods for your soundcard.

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Well I'm fine for the being as my XB500 doesn't require any amping and actually sounded worse with Gary's PA2V2 as it made it sound even warmer/smoother which is not a good thing for XB500 as it's already very warm/smooth sounding and I sold that amp and would buy an expensier more neutral amp in the future if I need one. I'm using kX Audio drivers for the Audigy 2 ZS tho and the distortion when vol slider is set too high mainly comes from the fact that kX Audio drivers have their own volume sliders NOT linked to the windows 7 vol slider in the taskbar so you have multiple vol sliders you can play around with. The thing is though I can keep the kX Audio master vol slider at 100% and set the windows 7 one lower and it won't distort at all but not the opposite. 


Since I have multiple vol sliders and a good working EQ on top of that that can act like a vol booster if you boost the vol of the frequencies there's like enough volume for me to probably damage my hearing permanently whitin 2 secs if I maxed them all, I don't even want to imagine what adding a powerful amp on top of that would do, probably be able to hear the headphones outside my house even wouldn't suprise me. lol


It would probably get louder than even this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfzofaA6-DE

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

Usually, high quality enough DACs can easily have digital volume set to 100% to avoid sound degradation and not have clipping of any kind. For instance, the Titanium HD doesn't clip at 100% volume, as well as many other DACs. Only as a very, very, VERY last resort, should you consider lowering the digital volume, Gatsby.

Noted. It seems the answer wasn't as straightforward as I thought, but I have learned a lot. I will set the digital volume as high as it can get without clipping (hopefully 100%). Also, note I won't be boosting any frequencies with an EQ or sound effects or anything.


Thanks for your help guys!

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Hi everyone,


I have an issue with the card (essence ST) related to the volume level... When I want to use my Denons D7000 connected to the headphone output WITH HARDWARE ASIO ON, the volume level is REALLY high so I cannot achieve 100% level in Jriver (=bitperfect) even if I decrease the soundcard's volume level to 1%... Is it because of D7000's low impedance (25 ohm)? Excluding that, the card works pretty well with them and the sound is really clear and neutral as it should be :-)


That means - if I use WASAPI or Kernel in Jriver, everything is fine... But with hardware ASIO, the volume rate is extremely high =/ Does anybody know anything related to that? =/


Thanks, really...

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