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RE0 Dissapointment

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Hey Guys

finally, my RE0s arrived. they are the ones with the L shaped pigtail.

now, here comes the important part. i am hugely dissapointed with the quality. do these need some burn in? i paid more than $100 for these because i live in india and shipping charges and everything u know, thinking that i was investing in something thats like a LEGEND.

my source is a Sansa Fuze V2, which i use with mt Sennhieser HD212 pros and these RE0s make THEM sound like bliss.after getting the RE0s, i feel like slapping every HD212pro reviewer in the face saying that they are bad and everything. but honestly, whats wrong with my RE0s? i've tried the Tips that were sent with the RE0s.but something just doesnt feel right. what do i do guys? i've read so so so much about the RE0s being better than many of the other IEMs, but this makes me feel that maybe i should just have brought another set of tips for my EP630 (the clarity is hell good in the RE0s, no offence intended).


if they require Burn in, how many hours should i burn them in for? i dont even know if i invested in the right thing now frown.giffrown.giffrown.gif


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OK, I can see that you're hugely disappointed in the sound, but you haven't really given any reason or description as to why (what kind of sound were you expecting from RE0, and what are your perception of the actual sound from RE0?)

Standard advice would be to:
1. give it more burn-in, maybe around 30 hours at least.
2. use different tips, I use Sony hybrids
3. these improve A LOT with proper amping, so maybe give portable amps a thought
4. maybe the sound of RE0 just isn't your cup of tea (they are quite light on the bass afterall)
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They require burn in, but it's not the headphones that burn in but your brain. This is controversial, I know, but that's my opinion and my experience.


I got the RE-ZEROs and I was hugely dissappointed aswell, mainly because they are light on bass and quite bright. These days I love them, but I prefer hearing them with a slight bass boost of 1-2db at 64Hz as it gives them a fuller, more 3D sound.


Tips, ofcourse, make a world of difference - much more so than for instance any amp can, again, in my opinion and experience. I found quite a good match in the medium black single flange tips, and I've heard others loving the RE0s with Sony Hybrids. If your issue with the RE0s is what I think it is, you should focus on trying to get a good seal and deep enough insertion to give the bass some authority and darken the sound signature somewhat, and in the case of the RE-ZEROs, remedy some of that sibilance.


Give yourself some time to adjust to their sound signature, and keep experimenting with tips - they are a great set of headphones!


Edit: I want to stress that they are extremely efficient headphones and to amp them is a great way to waste your money. 

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Reading review is one thing, whether you'll like it is another. I think the first thing you should do is to tell us what don't you like about the RE0, then perhaps some of us can help you figure out what you actually want.

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^btw where u live in india?i am also from india
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thanks for the quick reply guys. i am happy with the clarity. but, its like the mids are way too over the limit i'd like them to be, its like the sound in my ears is a "thick" like its a blob, and a "few frequencies are totally missing" kinda sound.....actually i hate mids overall.ofcourse i did not give them enough time with or without an amp. i have a Did It Myself CMoy with me, nothing expensive, and i cant even buy any amp for a lot of time.

Sony Hybrids? would have to look for them and the Cost should be reasonable.

the tips i am using right now are these Mid Sized single Flanges.

maybe i should give them some time, or give me some time to get used to them.

Thanks For the suggestions guys.


@dilpal, me from Chandigarh. and where are u from?

@ClieOS, i know what u mean, but what is a noob entering the audio field looking for stuff that makes his rig sound nice do?

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Could it be that you are hearing details you have never heard before? They do not sound thick at all, to most people they sound thin.

Mids are slightly recessed, it's treble all the way. What kind of music are you listening to and what were you used to hear?

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IMO, The RE0 is not necessarily overly-mid centered, but it is very balanced.  If you are used to hearing hot trebles and bloated bass, it may take your brain a while to get used to it's nicely balanced sound. 


You also didn't say if/how your CMoy helped the RE0, but almost all satisfied RE0 users (I was one for nearly a year) will tell you the RE0 has a medium high impedence and will not shine and sound it's best without some amplification.  The CMoy amp, or even a cheap Fiio E5 will give it more body, and the E5 has a bass "boost" setting (actually it's more a treble cut which makes the overall tone sound warmer, bassier).

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Check out my 2009 thread. :)


Give 'em some time. I didn't like them at all when I just got them. Now they'd have to rip em from my cold dead hands before I'd ever think of giving them up. :) 

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Total Newbie here but I bought a set of REO's about 8 weeks ago. I have to say the first time i listened to them i was not happy with the bass at all after coming from stock Apple ear buds. Now that I have a few hundred hours on them I LOVE them, for my Iphone 4 I bough an app called EQx and also bought a Fiio E1. I was not expecting much from the E1 for $20.00 but the performance gains are there and they bring out a bit more bass and well as making the sound stage a bit "bigger". Now when i put my Apple ear buds in they sound like the music is being played through a pillow...The REO's just let you hear so much more music. I am anxiously waiting the arrivals of a set of DBA-02 and I hope I did the right thing in buying them as I find the REO's pretty much perfect but i have only listened to 4 IEM's so far.

Good luck.

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I think you need better tips for your RE0. I recommend UE single flange silicone tips. They seal much better than the stock single flanges. Also, have you tried the stock large double flanges?

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hey guys


@s0lar, that just aint the case.i've experienced finding new details in my music before, so that isnt the case at all. the geners arent specific, but i'd say i hear a lot of RHCP, Linkin Park, and am used to bass alot (in love with my HD212Pros) though not a basshead. thanks man!


@kmhaynes, i was listening to my EP630s before i got my HD212Pros, so, i'd say i am pretty used to the muddy/bloated bass of the EP630s. But i dont understand, if these were so balanced, why do i take it as bloated (using it from 5o clock to now have helped alot though, gee). and about the amp, it sure adds some warmth to the sound. without amp, its a lot of treble, with amp, its warm i'd say.though rite now i feel the mids are still playing games with me, would have to play with my EQ settings here. i just have the CMoy for alot of days now.though its way better than the fiio E3 and E5s out there for sure.


@Negakinu, u using these for 2 years?i used my EP630s for an year, and they sound better then the NEW EP630s i have. i bet burn-in is the case here. also, that 2009 thread did not reach a conclusion, did it? because reading through it, i cand figure out when u started liking the RE0s (so that i can predict when i'll start liking mine, hehe) care to share the story? and BTW, nice DP.


@LJH01, thanks for replying man, good to know they might get well with time.


@PIANIST, thanks man. how about the Sony Hybrids?and, ya i tried all the tips, the Double Flanges big size that come placed in the RE0s when they came. the medium tips and the Double flanges worked well, but, the double flanges come out of my ears all the time.


Thanks for the replies guys.Keep them coming

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You don't have to force yourself to like them, if you truly enjoy your HD212, just stick with what you like.


Personally, I think you should reserve judgment until they're burn in for a bit. If they still don't sound better to you after about 50-70 hours of burn in, you could always consider selling them to someone else who might like them.

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hey b0ck3n,

i wont like an amp too, i mean how is everything portable then? portable means u can take everything to the gym. but man, an amp and then earphones and the source to a gym? a big no no everytime. also, i'd have to say, without amping and with amping, both sounds are different. the sounds are more warm with an amp (maybe thats the amp i have) but i dont think i'll be getting an amp for an year atleast. and the amps are so expensive.the iems are good, but to get some bass out of them, i can see that an amp helps.


hey mootokang,

i never thought like that man. looks like would have to find someone i could sell these if i dont like them, but Negakinu's comments are making me positive and i am expecting better now.


BTW, when did u guys (who started listening to the RE0s straight out of the box) start liking your RE0s? well the good news is, i feel them sounding better now. but i havent tried my Sennheisers from the time, so that the sound signature gets fully burned in into my head.

Thanks Guys

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Your amp may alter the sound signature if it doesn't have a flat FR. You can accomplish a drastically different sound signature by use of EQ, and this will in most instances not cost you a thing. If you're adamant on using a DAP that doesn't allow EQ, I'd go with something like the Headstage Arrow or another amp that features a bass boost. Flat amps only amplify volume.


A perfect solution would be the Sansa Clip+. It's cheap, it's flat, it's low noise and extremely portable. Slap a Rockbox firmware on it and you've got parametric EQ.

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