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Fake AKG K450 selling on eBay?

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Hey everyone,


I'm think on buying a PX200-II or a AKG K430, but a friend of mine suggested to buy the K450 due to it selling close to the same price on eBay.

I compared the eBay AKG to the Amazon's, and the price difference is HUGE!

What do you guys/girls think? Fake or Real?










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What about these?!?! WOW! I don't know!



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From China? Not a chance.

I don't buy anything sold from China ever.

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What about Hong Kong? I know it's in China as well, but different cities could be different. 




Those headphones are sooo cheap. Oh well.




Check these out! $50 AKG K430! 




Fakes? Sigh. . .

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They have 100% Ebay feedback . . . 

I have very good experience buying from China(and Hong Kong),it's not like in the old days.

The shipping was very fast and I was happy with the things I bought 

via Ebay,I can't speak for buying headphones . . .





Peter Polo

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I bought my k450s from someone in hong kong. It took about 2 weeks to get here but I wasn't in a rush. The seller shipped them the next day but it took forever in customs. I paid about $60 for them. They came in all the original packaging and are the real deal.



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Care to elaborate? Can you describe them in closely? Are there imperfections on the headphones or anything that would hint that its a fake?

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There were no signs that they were fake. I was very skeptical but figured at only $60 I would try them. The box was authentic as far as I could tell and sealed. The pouch was authentic, it came with all the cables and warranty card. There were absolutely no imperfections on the headphones and they sound amazing. The build quality is high. I'm no expert as I'm new to quality headphones, but they are better than the Sennheiser cx300 and hd280s that I have that I bought from Best Buy.

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I don't know about ebay sellers. UK play com has it for £47.99 Free Delivery. Sometimes UK Amazon had it for under £60 (not market place sellers).


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So what's the general consensus? Are these ebay sellers trustable? This one for example:




Has it priced at $60 which is very cheap.

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have you listened to it yet? whats the sound like?

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Bump, I'm wondering the same question about whether the ebay auctions listed are fake or not.


EDIT: And does anyone know the differences between the K430 and the K450? Thanks

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