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SO I've been using AKG K172HD's and as my first audiophile headphones I was quite impressed. What I liked about them was the soundstage, they didn't influence the music, and were good on comfort for about 3 hours.

What I didn't like though was the bass was very minimal I had to almost always have bass booster on just to give it a normal level of bass, and how immobile the were. The bulky design and long cord made traveling quite the task, even from and to work.


What you should know about me before your assessment is that I'm a graphic designer so I listen to music practically all day for work so I can't have too broad of a range of frequencies that will fatigue my ear. As well comfort is huge for long durations.

At night for another creative out-let that isn't just "work", I create/produce music with Logic Pro. So I like headphones that don't influence the music, rather give me a little more control with my EQ. I listen to and create a lot of different genre's from indy folk, to sound tracks, to alternative rock. And last but not least I need something more portable so I'm not afraid to take it work (wether they fold up, or have a detachable cord) I don't care if they are bulky I don't wear them in public.


I plan on buying the Asgard Headphone amp from Schiit after I buy my next set of cans.


Any who the runner ups for my next purchase are these 4 contenders and anything else you can throw my way.


Ultrasone HFI-580

I really like the compact size, aesthetics, and general reviews I'm reading, a good punchy sound, portable enough, though I'm afraid they might be too bass driven, as long as they aren't like the Beats I'd be interested.


Beyerdynamic DT 770

I have heard pretty much nothing but great reviews on this model. Great sound, comfortable but from what I see it just has a 3m cord which turns me away a little, I mean if they sound as amazing as I read then what can I say, but I'd love to have something that I could have in my midi keyboard bag or back pack



Detachable cord I believe and I've already had a pretty good experience with the AKG so I naturally was drawn here, would like to hear some input though.


Denon 1001

And then just threw these in here cause for some reason Denon grabs my attention and I can afford this model.


Alright that's all I have for now. Excited for the feed back and what you have to say about these models or maybe some other options you know of!





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