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Hi everyone,

I'm finally back from a fun and exciting trip to Milan and the Swiss Alps. I did a lot of good skiing, heard Placido Domingo sing at La Scala, and, of course, did some really nice cigar smoking (I had my first Cohiba Lancero -- wow, what a cigar!).

But the little anecdote I want to tell you has little to do with those activities. I bought one of Jan Meier beautiful little Porta-Corda portable amplifiers for the fear that my JMT-built Altoid amp would be mistaken for a bomb. I then bought a Sony D-EJ01 CD player, a pair of Ety 4S headphones to block out (most) of the engine noise, and a Headroom AirBag to put it all together.

When boarding the plane, I had the Airbag in a backpack so I wouldn't have to face problems, and I didn't. But as soon as the plane lifted off, I had problems... with the CD player!

Whenever I put in my earphones, one of the flight attendants would come up to me. "No CD," they would say.

"Why," I asked?
"No allowed on international flights. Interfere with flight control."

I had to think up an excuse for wearing my own earphones. Good thing I got a Sennheiser airplane adaptor! I decided to stick that baby into its sockets and by midway through the trip when the attendant would come by, I would just point to the adaptor (my ears were hurting by this point from pulling out and reinserting my Eties).

On the way back (today), I kept on being asked again. This time I had lended my airplane adaptor. What should I do?

I decided to stick the remote control of my Sony MZ-R900 (which I wasn't using) into the Airbag and claim that I was using it -- a tape player, not a CD player (well, at least I would say so).

A short Italian with a dark bushy mustache came up to me and I knew right away he would be trouble. "Is that CD? No CD!"

I held up my Minidisc player in its leather case. "No CD!" I replied.

He snatched it out of my hand. He toyed with it for a few seconds and opened the flap. "Mini CD! No CD! This Mini CD!"

Anyway, I finally said okay, he walked away, and I kept listening to my CD player. I somehow made it okay, and none of the flight attendants thought my Porta-Corda was a bomb. Good thing, considering a woman was arrested for having a fake hand grenade about a week ago and making fools of the security system.

Sorry if that story wasn't fun, but I just had to relate. Anyone else have similar experiences? Considering that the Sony D-25 used to be on airplanes, why do those cretins believe that it interferes with flight controls? I don't seem to have had to go through anything like that on other airlines!


About nine hours after landing, my ears have finally popped back into normal hearing position!