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Bumpity Bump, no activity in this thread? Hype is only on new things? :)


Yeah, btw, I think I've got the answers on the above questions, but still...


I've got one serious question, why did the chicken cross the road? But in all seriousness, I hear some people either like the Lyr with LCD-3 or just hate it and start comparing it with a solid state for $3000 - well of course it might be a bit worse, ok, even if it's a lot better, it also costs a lot more expensive :) I'm still waiting for mine, sometime sunday or monday I'll have it.



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A lot of activity and discussion with this amp occurs in the tube rolling thread.

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Hey guys. So I'm pretty late to the original Lyr party. Err.. very late. Anyways, I was curious if anyone here has tried the Beyerdynamic T90s with the Lyr? I haven't heard a single bad thing about the T90s and am very intrigued by them. I've gotten a few mixed reactions but I was hoping others had some experience with this combo. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, guys! :beerchug:

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I would be interested in anyone using the Lyr with the T1.

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Greetings. I have the lyr 2 connected to Audioengine 5+'s and Max the volume of the speakers and use the amps volume. works very well,

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I use the volume on the Lyr as well, max the volume on the 5+'s and you'll have great results

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I am selling my Lyr if anyone's interesting.

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