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Darkvoice voltage error???

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Hello Headfi!


I just received my Dardvoice 337 and I'm very disappointed. On the back of the unit it says it needs 220V-50Hz power. Problem is I live in North America. Seems the manufacturer made a mistake because I told them I needed the 110V version. I just want to check with other DV owners if your DV says 220V but accepts 110V? Or does it say 110V on the back?


Would it be better to send it back for replacement or can I use a step-up voltage converter? If I use a voltage converter, how much wattage will each section of the amp need? Will I need 100 watts for each side or will I need 200 watts for each side?


This really stinks.


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Okay, so after wasting $110 on a voltage converter, turns out this is a 110v version. Shame they can't label it properly. I was pretty stressed out over this. Specially after blowing the amp fuses. Glad there wasn't anymore damage.

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Update: the amp seems to be working just fine with 110v. Also, the fuses at the back of the power input are 1A 250V, not 3A like it says on the back plate in the pic. Is this the same for all you DV337 owners?


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Dear sir,
I'm sorry.
i ask Manufacturers,they told me this is 110V version,but Manufacturers do not modify the label,would you use 110V input test it.
thanks and best regard.
wang shuzeng
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