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FT: New Sennheiser MX500 buds for op amps

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I have a brand new pair of Sennheiser MX500 earbuds (thanks Jan) still unopened in it's package I would like to trade for some op amps. I'm interested in OPA 2132PA, 2134, 2604 or the LM 6172. I need 4 of one type to upgrade my DAC. The earbuds retails for about $18, so you can add an extra opamp or two if they don't cost that much. I'd prefer it if I can trade with someone face to face within driving distance from Santa Clara, California but I can ship the earbuds if necessary.
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Wing, I could just give you 18 bucks and you can drive to the Fry's on Arques and get your op-amps (Does Fry's sell them?)
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I was there just today and I don't think they stock any Burr Browns. The sell a lot of stuff from NTE(?) electronics which may be some oem/rebadged semiconductors. Flipped through the catalog but doesn't look like they have any equivalents to audiophile quality op amps. They also had a section of TI stuff but thay are mostly digital parts.

I'll take your $18 bucks for the buds if you're still interested. Email me.

BTW MacDEF, did you want to be on the B.A headwizer mailing list?
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mx500's have gotta be the best value in earbuds. I wish they had them in Canada
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(This is an example of the opposite of thread-crapping.)
Just giving my true opinion though.
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You can find the MX400 (same drivers, right?
just without volume control which can only
be good for the sound)

at...aeh... RadioShack for example

Cat no 331-8308 $24.99

The only Sennheisers they carry...


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