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Pearstone Replacement Earpads vs. Original Earpads for Sony MDR-7506 & MDR-V6 *** Pictures ***

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I got these Pearstone replacement earpads from B&H Photos.  They fit Sony MDR-V6 and MDR-7506.  These velour earpads are easy to install and sounds identical to the OEM ones.  They don't get hot like the OEM ones and should last a lot longer.










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The Pearstone pads are quite good. Honestly though I think the standard V6 pads keep my ears cooler. Not saying you're wrong normal_smile%20.gif

I used the Pearstone Velour pads for 5 hours while playing Bioshock 2 one night and I had to remove them because my ears were burning up.


Somehow the M30 pads are the best for keeping your ears cool. It seems to have more "lines" on the pad and this seems to help for whatever reason.


I use the Sony MDR-V6 pads on my DJ100 and they're circumaural for this headphone since they stretch out a bit.


I wish all velour pads could be as good as those on the Beyer Dynamic headphones!

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Are there any replacement real leather pads for the "leatherette" (called "leather" in the product description) appearing pads coming on more recent Sony SA5000? The older ones have real leather.

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Originally Posted by ujiko View Post

Are there any replacement real leather pads for the "leatherette" (called "leather" in the product description) appearing pads coming on more recent Sony SA5000? The older ones have real leather.

Not to my knowledge.  I am fine with the fake leather.

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Sorry to hijack your thread mate. Just a quick question, would these earpads work with mdr v700 as well? I don't like the leather earpads on them and am looking to replace them. If not, can you suggest which ones I should get? Thanks a bunch!

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Could anyone tell me how to get the old pads off the 7506's?  Is there a diagram?  I checked youtube but no luck.



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Just pull on the pads gently on all sides and it should come off. Just the pads should come off. 

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Thanks for the B&H Pearstone suggestion for the V6. My old pads were flaking all over the place and these new ones are quite nice. Here's to another few years with the V6!

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You're welcome. It's a good product.  Please keep us posted on how you like it.

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In addition to these Pearlstone pads, you could also try the DT250 pads. They're both velour and will replace the flaky old pads.

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Hope its ok for me to share here... if not I'll move this to a new thread.


Warning, I am very picky about sound, and I can be overly verbose. I am not a music professional, but I have keen hearing and I have tried to keep it that way all my life by wearing ear protection for things like concerts or when I'm working with shop tools etc.


I wear my 7506's all day every day while I work as a developer. Most of the time its for background music and isolation, but sometimes I do sound design and editing for casual games or multimedia on the web and mobile. I've never really had any issue with hotness or sweat over the last many years with other circumaural pleather headphones. This summer will be my first with the 7506's.


I read this and many other positive posts and reviews of the Pearstone velour earpads before trying them out. I wish I could say I was pleased with my Pearstonses, but I am going to return them. I dont think they are really bad, but they dont fit my particular use needs.


The build quality of the Pearstones looks excellent. They install and index very easily, thanks to instructions from HiFiGuy528. They do fit a little looser than Sony's, and I believe it is because they are either made to accommodate other larger headphones, or the materials they use just need more slack.


The void around your ear on the Pearstones is a bit smaller in diameter than the stock Sony's. It was more snug, but this wasnt an issue for my ears. For some listensrs with a larger ear helix it will become an on-ear pad instead of circumaural. The padding itself is a little deeper, and feels firmer than Sony's padding, but that would maybe change over time. The velour is indeed very comfortable to touch, though my sideburns and hair might nullify the pleasure others would notice more.


I wore the Pearstontes for a few hours and couldnt help but notice something was different...not bad, but different. I had involuntarily turned up the volume on my MacBook from my usual "2 out of 16" to "4 out of 16". Between turning the volume up like this and the smaller sound cavity, my picky ears sensed a change the characteristics of the frequency spectrum. To me, it was like I'd lost some of the thump or punch in the mid bass, which I enjoy having normally. Many would consider this to be a more balanced sound...technically it probably is. I would attribute this difference to either a difference in seal, or the size of the void...and those can vary with different ears and hair situations.


I began wondering if I had turned up the volume to drown out new background noise that was bleeding in. So I decided to test these out head-to-head vs the Sony pads in the most scientific way I could think of. Here's what I did:


  • First I carefully installed and indexed one of each pad onto the 7506's and checked them over for loose spots.
  • Then I opened Audacity (a free audio program) and created a stereo track, onto which I generated a 30Hz tone that lasted 5 seconds.
  • Then I split the track into two mono tracks, and I set the balance for each track to all the way left or all the way right.
  • Next, I offset the starting point of one of the tracks to be exactly when the other track finished. This created an oscillating effect between left and right ears.
  • So now I was able to loop the 10 second track... listening to 5 seconds of 30Hz in each ear alternately.
  • During this test I kept a tv news channel playing in the other room so I could test the isolation vs people talking.
  • I also remembered to swap the headphones to backwards as I tested so I could compare both ears with both pads.


From doing this test, I found that the bass tone was very much present in both sides, but the Sony pad side seemed to have a minute amount more "pressure" to it. This was not a big issue for me, but I am used to the way the Sony pads sound, and it felt like the Pearstones attenuated the bass just a teeny bit.


While the 30Hz tone thundered on, I raised the volume to a louder level than I'd normally use, and that led to a slight papery rattle on the Pearstone side... which scared me into thinking I'd blown my headphones! I later found it was just something about the Pearstone earpad (or perhaps my installation) making it happen, and it was not present at normal volumes with the Pearstones. When both the Sony pads were back in place, the papery rattle was gone.


The deal killer for me was that (on my head/hair) the Pearstone pads let in considerably more of the tv's talking sounds, while the Sony's did a decent job of blocking those same frequencies out, especially the higher tones and female voices. Because I have people talking in the background to deal with so much of the time I could not abide by this difference.


So I decided to send the Pearstones back. I could gamble on a different brand, or that the Pearstones would change over time, but I've decided to stay with the like-new Sony's I have for now. I'll most likely put money towards a spare pair of Sony pads.. or two pairs, for the inevitable sometime in the future...I'm also interested in the Remote Audio Gel-filled pads...I've got to call them to discuss at some point.


Thanks for reading.

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I just installed the velour pads on my 8 year old 7506's that had badly flaking pleather pads.....and man are they comfier than ever !!


7506 has always been my favorite closed headphone, I like the sound signature, and especially like the comfort, which is even greater now with the velour pads.  My AKG K-701's just aren't as comfy, despite sounding so incredibly awesome.  I think AKG's are best for people with a lot of hair LOL.  I just wish the Sennheiser 650 sounded like the K-701, because i found the Senn's very comfy, but way too dim and laid back sounding.


Thanks to the tutorials on youtube this install was a 2 minute job, very easy.  I'm sure i will get another decade of use out of these 7506's now !!

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Originally Posted by ujiko View Post

Are there any replacement real leather pads for the "leatherette" (called "leather" in the product description) appearing pads coming on more recent Sony SA5000? The older ones have real leather.

I know this is an old thread, but information is eternal.  :o)  


Auray make replacement sheepskin pads for the Sony V6/7506 cans: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/888545-REG/Auray_eps_mdr7506_Genuine_Sheepskin_Leather_Earpads.html

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Hello to every one on the forum. I'm new to Head-Fi and this my first post. I've had a headphone jones for as long as I can remember and have many varieties. I'm an engineer by education and experience and have designed and built a number of high end headphone amplifiers for my own use here at home. I also use a commercial vacuum tube amp - the Little DOT MK-III - that is one sweet sounding HP amp!!


After reading the forum posts on the SONY MDR-7506 I decided to buy a pair.  I received them yesterday and need to do a lot more listening before I can judge them but so far I think they are pretty damned good for the money. They remind me a little of the Grado's but the sound is not so much "in your face" so to speak as the Grado's. The SONY's are very revealing.


I also bought a pair of the Beyerdynamic velour head pads from B&H which are for their model DT280 but according to posts here fit the MDR-7506. I want to get used to the sound with the stock SONY pads before I replace them with the velour pads. Until I read this thread on the Pearstone earpads I wasn't aware that there were any other velour pads that fit the 7506, so thanks for the information.


Maybe I'll buy a pair to see how they compare physically to the Beyerdynamic pads before I tare down the SONY's. I can tell you that the Beyerdynamic pads are thicker than the stock SONY pads which would put the drivers a bit further away from my ears. This will most likely affect the imaging and bass response depending on how well the velour seals against my head. I'm also wondering about the thickness of the pad that goes between ear and driver. So lots of experimenting to do. 


All the best to everyone,


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I think I'm replying to my own post but I just checked B&H and the Pearstone velour ear pads are discontinued. Looks like the Beyerdynamic are the only game in town. 

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