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Midi -> wav

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Is there a program which will convert midi files to waves?
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Yup its called "wingroove" It kicks ass, midi's sound much better when played thru it.

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The Yamaha softsynth XG software is some of the best sounding midi -> Wav packages. Course if you have a Yamaha XG soundcard than you'd only need to record the midi-out.
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The unregistered version of wingroove has a 30 second limit on .wav files created with it. Are there any free programs that will let me convert .midi to .wav?
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Along with the above mentioned programs, the ones i've tried are AUDIO COMPOSITOR (shareware...) and the one i would recommend TIMIDITY++ (open source, FREE, and for most platforms - WIN, MAC, LINUX...)

Audio Compositor was processor intensive and even with the highest settings (also tried the lowest to compare) i got pops and crackles in the final .wav output.

TIMIDITY++ on the otherhand works flawless for me. I can output to .wavs or in 'real-time' output to your sound card! I've experienced no pops or such with either output method, BUT installing and configuring the program can be hard for *some*.

Get the win32 GUI version: (i assume your running windows)

And eawpats file (30 Meg of samples NECESSARY to hear anything) - 22Meg download though... :

PLUS winrar to unpack the above file.

You'll need to read the documentation for the install, BUT it is easy If you have problems leave a message and i'll help you configure it...

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