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Needs a new Iem

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Hi everybody, i'm in search of a new pair of IEMs. I'm plugging it into my ipod touch/ ibasso D10, and maybe my computer. I listen to mainstream music, pop, electronic, etc. Are there any iems similar to the Ultrasone Hfi 580 ? The HFI 580 has very forward mids, but still retains a nice bass. My budget isn't relevant, as of now.

I'm interested in the TF 10, Westone products, and Shure 530/535

Thanks in advance

Thanks, i guess my budget would be around $200, probably less

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The SE530s have nice mids, but I found them too smooth-sounding for rock/pop. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything to recommend at the moment.


You should probably set a budget anyways, before someone trolls this thread by recommending a pair of JH16s.

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