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So my UM2 cable got messed up and was causing no noise to come out the left, or both (i dont remember) earpieces. So I mailed them in, it took awhile for them to get there and then get examined by there repair crew or whatever, it was like a week to a week 1/2 before I got an email back, and they said it would be $32 + shipping. Well my mother called them and talked to them about the repair and cost and stuff and so the Westone person asked when I recieved my earphones (and they were totally aware that there was no warranty on it) and since I got it for my birthday which is like 6 months ago they said they would cover it for free since it was under a year. I am not sure if they covered shipping too but it sounds like it (i could be wrong though). Anyways GO WESTONE!!! THANK YOU!