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For Sale or Trade: WTT: AT&T iphone 16gb 3G for ipod 5.5

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For Sale or Trade:
WTT: AT&T iphone 16gb 3G for ipod 5.5

Will Trade For: ipod
Will Ship To: Anywhere

About a year ago my friend gave me his AT&T 16gb iPhone 3G when he upgraded to another iphone. This says on my ipod that its model MBO48LL. I hate cell phones, and even though this one has a nice camera, I never use it, whereas I use my old school iPod daily and would like another. I'm looking for another 80gb 5.5 ipod. This iphone is is good condition, scuffs on the black back from normal wear but the front glass is perfect. Only flaw is the little metal ring that fits in by the headphone jack is gone. It's there for purely cosmetic reasons and doesnt effect plugging in or performance. one day I wasn't paying attention and tried to plug my cans into the iphone without looking and the little silver ring popped off and i lost it. Probably could pick on up on ebay for a buck and pop and new one in. Anyway, looking to trade this iphone for something I'd actually use. I would also consider it towards trade on a pair on Senns 580 and upward.. PM me.

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