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I wouldn't imagine size has much to do with Break-in (Burn-in).

But I certainly agree that the M50 improved quite a bit with break-in. Bass tightened and highs were tamed (less brittle). Mids became slightly more pronounced as a result.


I'll certainly have to check out the HP700 one of these days. Always interested in a more 'portable', less expensive D7k.  wink_face.gif

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The driver size shouldn't make a difference in burn-in I guess, I think in the end some headphones need more than others, the HP700 have not changed much at all with burn-in which is unusual in my experience. I was suggesting burn-in as a reason the HP1000 was not attractive to me but they would have had to change ALOT for me to have liked them which is unlikely so I'll just stick to the fact I liked the HP700 sound better.

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In your opinion, what are the main differences between HP700 and HP1000?

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I thought the HP700 had more bass and better treble. The HP1000 was rolled off in those areas accenting it's mid-range more but in a way that made them almost boring in comparison to the HP700. I actually switched to the HP1000 expecting them to be even better than the HP700 so was surprised by the difference in the sound. My two reference headphones I can use would be the HP700 was a lot like my D7000 and the HP1000 was more like my SM3 IEM's (a mid centric IEM with recessed treble and tight controlled bass that is good for a BA based IEM but seriously lagging behind a dynamic based headphone or even IEM). If you like loud the HP1000 might actually be better as it might allow louder volumes with less fatigue. In my case I do not listen to anything very loud anymore so again prefer the HP700.

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I get what you mean. But you should keep in mind that while HP700 are made by Denon, HP1000 are made by Audio Technica, which does explain the sound differences.

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Hold on we are discussing different headphones! I am talking about the Denon DN-HP1000 the bigger Denon DJ headphone, I didn't realize Audio Technica had a headphone called HP1000. Sorry about that. I have not heard th AT headphone.
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Actually we are discussing the same headphones. Denon DN-HP1000 is a rebadged Audio Technica, namely ATH-PRO700.

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To be more specific, ATH-PRO700 are quite a curious set of headphones, as they were sold to both Denon and Allen&Heath, for minimal customization, becoming DN-HP1000 and XD-53, respectively, as well as their own ATH-PRO700.

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OH! OK now I get it! I didn't know those specific  Denon's were made by AT :-). That might explain why I wasn't as fond of them and why I thought they sounded very similar to the M50's I listened to them. Not to say I don't like AT but there is something about the Denon sound I really really like.

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Zowie... the things one learns around here !

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Though I don't know why exactly did AT do that confused.gif


I do have a pair of XD-53, so they're more or less the same headphones, different plug but not much more. Have you listened to Denons AH-D2000, and if so, you think they would be a good upgrade from my current headphones?


I ask because I'm divided between AH-D2000 and Ultrasones Pro 900.


EDIT: I do remember that A&H did request AT for a pair of headphones that they would further mod, which is interesting as their smaller model, XD-40, is entirely made by them but seems to be rather inferior when compared to XD-53, which left me in doubt about the DN-HP700.

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x2. Is there no end to the mysteries of the headphone market?



Originally Posted by shane55 View Post


Zowie... the things one learns around here !


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OK, I have heard the D2000 and own the D7000 and vastly like the D7000 more. So having said that I find the HP700 to sound quite a bit like the D7000 with the differences being a slightly smaller sound stage, ever so slightly less bass depth but slightly more punchy, more forward midrange, and slightly less sparkly treble). The HP1000 on the other hand was not like the D7000 because the bass was less pronounced and the treble was as well. But not like the D2000 because my challenge with that headphone was the bass being to boomy in comparsion to the D7000 and not as nice a treble.

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Hey dweaver,


Great review and comparison, appreciate a lot, as I have been looking to upgrade from Sennheiser HD202's, and have always wanted a good Denon set, but could never really afford one working on a student budget.


After reading this review, I wanted to go straight out to order them (the HP700s), however I couldn't help but notice that you're a fellow Canadian and was just wondering where you got you're particular set from?


Also, in terms of comfort, I understand from your first post, being DJ type headphones, they aren't the greatest in that area, but could you be a little more specific, perhaps how long before the discomfort begins to settle in or anything else. It'd help me a bit, because it would become my primary headphones, and I do a lot of sound editing, mixing and occasionally DJing, all at an amateurish level of course, but still, it would be great to know.


Again, thanks for the great review.





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Maybe i can help.


For me the cause of discomfort is that the pads are too hard and they are not circumaural for my big ears, hence they press my upper and lower part of the ear against my head. it can be painful after 1 hour.


and in other news, i believe the pads for the Prodipe 800 might fit, and it comes with two set of pads pleater and velour. have to check this with an owner od the prodipes.

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