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Need IEM suggestion for gift. Under $60 (need to buy a bunch too)

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I am getting married and want to buy earphones/iem's for my groomsmen presents. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Need to be something to please everyone. Would like to spend $50-60 (no less than $50, no more than $60) and would like to get the best I can. I don't think I need a mic with them. I also need to buy a bunch (I have 12 groomsmen...big family), so if anyone knows a good place to get a discount on bulk please let me know. I was thinking to get S4's, but Klipsch wouldn't give me any discount and they were a little out of my price range. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Try Meelec - I think the CW31 is quite likeable (as are the CX21 and M21, but that's below your budget) and they are easy to get hold of if you want to ask for a discount or whatever. The Brainwavz M2 is also a great buy at ~$60 though good luck negotiating with (or even getting a reply from) mp4nation.

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So I guess I am in between the Brainwavz and the Meelec's. It seems like the Brainwavz's are well liked here for their price range. Any one have any suggestions on either one, especially since I need something that will please everyone.


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Well if you are set on the S4, then you might consider buying the Klipsch ProMedia In-Ear from TigerDirect. It is basically just the S4 with a mic and they have it on sale for $60 (normally $90). You can also use coupon code OKL16588 to knock $20 off. Based on what I have read around here though the M2 is probably better though.
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can u give us a general suggestion of what your groomsmen listen to?

I have the klipsch custom 3's($110)(well previously they were), and klipsch recently accidentally sent me some s4s. dont even ask because i have absolutely no idea. they just showed up on my front door. anyways, they sound fairly good, definitely slightly bass heavy for my taste, but a good value all the same. strangely enough, the version that has a mic can be had at amazon for 60 bux, whereas without the mic they are 70. i would assume they sound exactly the same. since they are in your range, i would definetily reccommend them for the money. good luck.

fin elliott

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if your groomsmen are the balanced type(lol), these http://www.amazon.com/Apple--ear-Headphones-Remote-Mic/dp/B001N9YIJG/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1298779988&sr=1-1   might work. to my ears, which enjoy more balanced phones, these sound better than the s4s, or promedias, but they are 69.99. choices, compromises, choices. good luck again.

fin elliott

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Don't think you can do better  at the price point.

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did you miss out on the monsters turbine deal on amazon? That would have been amazing.

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i would refer to joker's incredible like 145 iem review. i'd also look at soundmagic pl50 and brainwavz m2

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I own the Brainwavz M2, would be a sound many people could appreciate, i'd buy them!

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Thank you all for the suggestion. I have an email out to mp4 nation about the M2's also head direct are giving me a bit of a discout on the RE0's, still a little more than what I was planning, but still a good deal and I know those are good. I am just hoping they don't need an amp.


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