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Just got my ES10s :-)

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So I just got my ES10s today, a complement to my ESW9s, but more for rock.


Wow, that was no joke about the deep and punchy bass.  It just kicks my ears coming out of my tube amp.  smily_headphones1.gif   Mids are definitely more recessed compared to my woodies, but it's still very liquid smooth.     Highs are definitely rolled off; good detail but definitely restricted and without much sizzle--hopefully they'll open up with a few hundred hours of burn in.  Soundstage and imaging sound similar to the ESW9, good but not blow-your-mind good.


The build is solid--it feels much sturdier than the ESW9 and it's much more comfortable out of the box (headband tension is less), but I wish the pads were leather (these will disintegrate over time like the original pads on my W100s).  Anyone know of leather pads that fit?

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Glad you are liking them. I very much agree with your impressions. I wish they were more like the Pro900 sound (same deep, punchy bass but with better highs) in a portable package, but they are still very enjoyable. Isolation is average (compared to say the HD25), but I can live with that.


I think that for the price they could have been less stingy on certain aspects by having a better quality cable and leather pads and headbands. The titanium is very nice though!

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I had mine recabled balanced with Moon Audio blue dragon and the highs opened right up. The build is much better than the ESW-9's and doesn't have the dreaded breakable cup connectors.

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Hi Raelamb,


Other than the highs opening up, what's your overall impression going from stock cables on the ES10 to Moon Audio blue dragon balanced protector cables?? What was the cost?


Thanks, just deciding on what cables I should use for my ES10s.



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Nice. Still want to give these a try some day.


Found ESW9 way too slow and warm for rock though.

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Originally Posted by Proglover View Post

Nice. Still want to give these a try some day.


Found ESW9 way too slow and warm for rock though.



The exact same reason I sold my ESW9s - too slow, not enough dynamics.

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