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Regarding CAST versus OP Amp they are just different not one versus being better than the other.  When switching between the two with the same source CAST is a bit more neutral with the sound level slightly lower than with the moon OP Amp.  The Phoenix is more refined than the C2.  I can't really A-B my C2-SA and Phoenix but going from the Phoenix to the C2-SA I still find the C2-SA pleasing, with detail and a good sound stage.  The C2, when I had it, was always pleasing.  Yes the Phoenix is better but is it worth 3 times the price better than the C2?  That depends on how much your willing to spend and if you plan to ever go balanced.  If I where to by a third headphone amp I would have a hard time not getting a C2.1 due to it being improved and compared to the Lyr which I have not yet heard I know I will for sure have a black background with the C2.1-not that the Lyr doesn't I just haven't heard it.  Honestly if I bought the Lyr it would be mostly out of the novelty of having a tube amp to experience.

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Is the SA noticable more coloured then the Phoenix or C2? Was you able to compare the LCD-2 on the C2 versus the SA?


How much of an improvement if any was there using CAST versus the opamps.


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how does the c2.1 compare to the matrix m-stage for akg k701??

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