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So I've spent most of today reading countless reviews and comparisons of IEMs within my budget, and I've decided to try to get some personalized advice haha.


So far, I've been looking at:


Westone's UM1's / Westone 1's (which i'd like to get a comparison of... I've been having trouble telling differences between their UMx series and their Westone x series of IEMs)


Ultimate Ears' Super.Fi 5 pro


Ultimate Ears' Triple.Fi 10


I'm definitely open to any other suggestions, as I'm not exactly sure what's out there!  I've discovered a few other IEMs in my research and have thought against them after reading several reviews and whatnot.


Anyway, the reason I've made this thread is to get very specific... so I'll get to that.  Firstly, for some background info on myself, my first pair of full-sized headphones were Panasonic's RP-HTX7, which I bought with what I believe was some sansa player?  It was some time ago, I don't remember.  Anyway, over the last... 5 years?  I've gone through various cheap mp3 players, then an iPod Video 5Gen which I loved (and had rockboxed at some point) until the hard drive failed.  Nowadays I'm using an iPod Touch 3G 64GB, and the only headphones I had purchased after the Panasonics are my current Xone XD-53's by Allen & Heath, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.  The reason for my taking a turn towards more expensive and higher quality headphones is due only partially the my touchiness about audio quality, but is also because I had started to get into producing.  I produce electronic music, and listen to mainly hardstyle, dubstep, and hip hop/rap, so I'd definitely like to have IEMs that give decent impact to the bass, without overpowering the mids or highs.  I am currently looking into DJing as well, and will hopefully be getting myself an Audio 2 DJ and a DJ midi controller sometime this summer.  I know DJing isn't quite as relevant here, but I bring up the Audio 2 DJ card for a reason, which I will get to later in this post.


(tl;dr: I listen to mostly dubstep, hardstyle, and hip hop, among other electronic/dance genres!  Bass is important, but I'm far from being a basshead.)


Right, so, the UM1's; If I were to get these, I'd get them from B&H for $109.  Apparently they aren't really available for any other price, haha.  I've heard that the highs aren't so great on these... However, overall, I'm getting a very good impression, and it's very clear that these are extremely comfortable.  Personal thoughts, please?  As well as opinions as to how these would perform playing the genres I've listed.  Could anyone fill me in on how these compare to the Westone 1's?  All I really know is that they come with a plethora of tips, and the body is in solid colour.  How does the SQ differ between these two?


UE; I've read that the Super Fi 5 pros have got some really impressive bass, but may also be lacking somewhat in the highs.  I'm not sure how they are comparable to the Triple Fi 10's, as the price on those are much higher, however, I list them here solely because they are currently available at amazon for what seems to be cheap;

Apparently I can get my hands on them for $153.99, plus shipping and most likely customs/taxes.  (I live in Canada.)

I'm not sure if this is the average street price on these, or if this is truly a great deal and these are a higher class IEM, in which case the choice here would be made easy :)


I've also heard lots of good (and some bad) things about Head-Direct's RE2, which are available on as well for 30 bucks.  I'm not sure what to make of this, really.  Are these decent IEM's?  Could the ones listed here possibly be fake?  In any case, these may be a steal, but if they're utterly incomparable to the other IEMs I've listed, I'd rather not bother.  On the other hand, how would their RE0 compare?  It's also got a pretty low price point.


Aside from the IEMs - I previously mentioned Native Instruments' Audio 2 DJ sound card/interface/DAC/whatever.  Could this possibly double as an amp?  I've only ever used my XD-53s with my on-board pc sound card, and my iPods.  I'm not sure how much they'd benefit from an amp, as I can definitely get some decent volume out of them, however, they are rated to take 3500mW of power, which I really, really doubt I'm pushing into them.  Could I be getting better sound out of them through an amp? The impedance is 36 ohms, which makes me think it wouldn't do them a whole world of good, and I'm not too interested in dishing out for an amp.  (I'm pushing my limits even with these IEMs!)


Anyway, this has been a very long post.  :P  I'd love to just get some personal opinions on the IEMs mentioned, as well as maybe suggestions for others!  Thanks :)