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Westone AC Series

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I've seen these on their website, but have been unable to find any reviews. Does anyone have them? I'm looking to get my first customs and just wondering about prices/performance.



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i wanna know that too

especially how well they perform against other entry-level customs (e.g. JH5 / UE4 / 1964's)

which JH5's seems to be the most popular 

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I too have been interested in the AC2 as a possible first step into the world of customs. I'm not a huge IEM fan in general so I don't want to drop $1k on a set of customs just to try. Westone seems to have excellent service and quality and I want to stick with an established brand rather than a new startup.


Please someone buy the AC2 and post a review!

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I just bought these - in fact, I just left the ENT's office where we made sure they fit.  So, I will let you know how I like them later on this week.  I have 2 rehearsals and 4 services to sing in this week so that should be a pretty good test for them.  I've been using a set of Westone ES2 customs that belong to my mom..........and of course they have the softer inner ear piece.  So - I'll give these a shot and give feedback later on!

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