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Originally Posted by Graphicism View Post

Full size link smile.gif

Good job Graphicism, are they available somewhere? confused.gif

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Good job Graphicism, are they available somewhere? confused.gif

Of course there available, I am sure he could download one to a usb drive for you.tongue.gif

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red ferrari HD800?

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Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post

I'd go all black.


Originally Posted by Sonic Atrocity View Post

Bah, I'm not feelin' it. Personally, I'd feel a jet black instead.



I'd even be up for a carbon black or gun metal grey. Something dark. Black would be best though.

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for the black ones, or maybe dark blue? 


Red is not for me. rolleyes.gif

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Looks better than the stock HD800's.



Then again, that's not hard... confused_face.gif

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I used to be good at photoshop, anyway, ignore the red edges...


HD800 aqua.jpg  HD800 white.jpg


HD800 yellowish.jpg  HD800 gold.jpg

my favorites:


HD800 dark grey 2.1.jpgHD800 dark grey.jpg


suggest another color while im at it

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^ I really like the left one on the second row...look's like Master Chief's set of HD800s. smile.gif

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Charcoal grey is a beauty

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you mean the green-yellow-ish?

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If you're only doing color manipulation just select the colored parts (and this can be really poorly done, but do make sure you get all of it) and press ctrl+u to change contrast/hue.


Some fakie woodies :p


Rosso Corsa (Ferrari Red) it's a brighter, sharper red.

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what i did was to select the red area and created another layer, then play with this layer, but the edges from the original still showed uo, so i used shadow to hide them, and looks kinda dorky biggrin.gif, the last few


metal pink                                                                           and                          Barney

HD800 metal pink.jpg  HD800 horrid.jpg


the superman                                                                 and                         gray/gray


HD800 superman.jpg  HD800 b&w.jpg

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If you disassemble the headphones fully then coloured annodising would look great.
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Ferrari red is nice. Jet black would be sweet. JamesMcProgger's renditions are horrendous. Sorry.

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Woah, they managed to make one of the ugliest high-end headphones in the world look even worse!

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