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The red HD800 :O

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Look at what I found in Twitter a couple hours ago:








I think they are a custom job and not something that will be released by Senn, but from what I know they were found at Sennheiser Electronic Corp. in Connecticut. Just thought this is super cool since I've been thinking of paintng my 800 (and 650) since the bloody paint has already chipped off even though I treat them very carefully.

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nice... but not a very good looking shade of red IMO. 

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The owner of these sure won't grab the wrong HD-800's at a MEET!........I wonder if they're "powder coated", or just sprayed RED? With Powder coating that I've had done, each piece had to be coated then put into an oven with positive/ negative hook ups to the piece, right?.......they're different for sure.....thanks for the photo...

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I'm not feeling it.
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That's a bit strong. Though i usually like red, but not in headphones. bigsmile_face.gif

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Change the colour of the metal to gold, and you'll have something that Tony Stark would wear!

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Companies like Colorware can do this for you if you have a VIP account with them (which is incredibly costly).  It's simply a matter of taking the headphones 100% apart and painting the pieces that are visible.

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red? meh. if it was a hot pink i be all over it.biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by K_19 View Post

Change the colour of the metal to gold, and you'll have something that Tony Stark would wear!

Iron Man HD800s would be effin sweet.
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Seeing that most people think that red isn't the best color for the 800 (and I agree, maybe except for the Iron Man 800, yeah!), what do you guys think would suit the 800?

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I would like blue.
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Nice! It looks to me like they were used as a 'Look over here and try these' eye-catcher as opposed to anything they would actually release.

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They should take a page from Grado's book and chrome them.

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Should have gone with Lime Green. The guys at AKG seem to think that colour sounds better. wink.gif

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I'd go all black.

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