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Advice needed!

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Hello everyone,



I am extremely uninformed when it comes to headphones/amps/dacs. Let me just explain my current set-up:


1. Macbook Pro (unibody)

2. Total Bithead

3. AKG K702's


All my music is in flac format and played in VLC. The sound I get is much better than anything I have listened to; however, I get an annoying hiss from the headphones when the volume is high (way before my volume comfort level) and I keep thinking that these headphones should sound better. Now I know that the bithead is no where near decent when it comes to amp/dac combos. I recently purchased (waiting for delivery) a Headroom Desktop Amp. What I would like to know is will I be able to hear a considerable difference in audio quality? Will I be able to listen to my music at higher volumes without clipping? Is the upgrade worth the $850 I spent?


Thanks in advance!

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this is my experience regarding the issue  but before that i am not an audiophile but i love to listen to music, this is my opinion only im sure others will disagree


i spent quite abit buying audio and came to the conclusion its mainly ur speakers/headphones that determine sq and sound signature. an amplifier's job is only to amplify the analog signal to listening levels without distortion. the called "sound of amp" is just coloring of the frequencies to the final analog signal. i think this is why people may call it synergy.. say u have akg701's which lack bass, obv an amplifier that colors the bottom end would be a good "synergy"


i recently sold my essence stx for an audio gd fun, i couldnt hear too much audible difference between the dacs both were very clean and clear to me. maybe if i a/b a song i knew very well. so after spending alot more on an dac/amp i couldnt justify any tangible differences..


however now ive come to realise what i paid for is not the sq but the ability to change op amps (color the sound), the preamp/amp function, the build quality/looks and the mobility over the stx.


so at the end of the day your akg 702 will def be driven to what its meant to sound like but i dont think it will sound "better" just what its meant to sound like with minimal distortion and enuff power for listening levels but you have to justify the 800 spent if it was worth what you purchased


me personally i would rather spend it on a cheaper amp and even get another pair of headphones for a diff sound signature


lol at this rambling (hope it helps) but this is what i came into realisation about purchasing amps lately and made me realise how much value i got out of a 300 audio gd fun :D

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