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Users of Apple’s iPhone and iPod are sometimes dissatisfied with the comfort and sound quality of the standard Apple headphones for the devices. As the iPad doesn’t come with headphones, consumers need to consider what type of headphone is best for them.


The best advice for the consumer who is thinking of buying a set of headphones for their iPad is to trial some of the headphones on the market, in order to find which are most comfortable and give the sound quality needed. Read reviews and customer feedback, such as can be found on sites like Amazon.




Which set of headphones you select will depend on how you use your iPad. For example, music lovers will require ones that have a full range of quality sound, while movie buffs may prefer surround sound for the ultimate movie watching experience.


Below are only two sets of headphones that come highly recommended. The first is the Westone 1 Headphones for the iPad, which aren’t that cheap, but they have excellent sound quality and a sound isolating function, so you can block out noise from your surroundings.


The Ultimate Ears Headphones for iPad are cheaper than the Westones and you should try the Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/Microphone. They provide great sound quality and are popular with recording artists.


There are many others out there, so shop around and find the right ones for your individual needs.