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Best DAC under $100

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I got a tweak city audio gizmo amp hooked up to 2 av123 elt525 speaks, but sucks hooked up to my crappy sound card. Don't know much about audio, whats the best DAC I can get that will work with my amp for under $100. I want to connect it to the optical out on my motherboard

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A used ZERO DAC, I suppose.

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How would the Fii0 E7 compare?

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The E7 only has USB for it's DAC. But why not just go USB? Otherwise x2 on the used Zero DAC.
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One option you can look at is the Creative X-Fi HD USB. It has an optical in. ~90$


If you go the USB route, you could get the uDAC2.

I am just about to order the uDAC2 for 109$ new. Someone posted the deal on Head-Fi a few weeks back and it is still active. www.crutchfield.com and use the coupon code 3A825.

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I am very happy with my emu-202 as a DAC. Perhaps the updated version- the emu-204 will be a good option?



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