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Thanx alot Headstar, it helps to have a 'control' to compare against. Just to check, do you know if maybe my amp is clipping? Would it affect both channels, and not one?

If so, then its definitely to do with the 598 and I will replace it this weekend.

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No, i don't think its your amp.

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hmm. I'll 'rest' them overnight, and if the small rattle is still there, I'll replace them. Do you reckon this rules out being able to use these at high levels of volume, in particular with bassy songs? I find it more likely that I stressed the driver, than that I received a defected one. 

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I just played that song as well.. no rattle ... and the bass on these are very nice


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Yep, def something to do with the driver. Now the bass is slightly stronger on the left side.

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@Headstar, I just replaced my HD598 today. Do you think that leaving the headphones to burn in for longer (ie 150 hrs) would help ease the drivers in, so that they won't get stressed in the future? 

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Originally Posted by DrHouse View Post

@Headstar, I just replaced my HD598 today. Do you think that leaving the headphones to burn in for longer (ie 150 hrs) would help ease the drivers in, so that they won't get stressed in the future? 

I use an on off cycle the first few days.  I like to give them some time off to relax and only use high quality music, no noise.  I also ramp up the volume over 2-3 days starting at below normal listening.  Maybe around 40-50 dB the first day.  I like to play it safe and treat my gear well.


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More than anything i advise you to listen on flat, at least at first. If that's what the cans can, deal with it and enjoy them that way. Don't alter the sound, it will eventually sound worse, as its forced to sound differently than the producer intended.

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Normally I do listen to flat, and with the bass the cans produce theres no need. Just waiting for the burn in to reveal that bass. Incidentally, while at the shop I got a chance to try the beats solo, as I was interested to see their performance considering they were actually more expensive than the HD598. 

Just awful. Muddy bass is smeared all over everything, and it feels like phones are just shoving the sound into your face confused_face.gif. Orchestral Music in particular was unbearable.

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Hey guys,


I just listened to the HD 598 today at a store and I must say that I liked them :) 

I enjoyed the overall nice airy sound with different music styles, bass, very comfortable velour pads (looking for headphones comfortable for long hour listening), the fit, the looks (not bulky), and the fact that it sounds decent without an amp (although amp is recommended) ( I have Sansa Clip + and sometimes I use PA2V2 amp), BUT I don`t like when noise from outside is coming in or music from inside is going out. I know the "leakage" (maybe this is the correct word) is common for open headphones like the HD 598.


Could you please recommend headphones with all the things I liked about it BUT with the added characteristic of much better isolation. This means closed earphones? And then this would mean less airyness? hmmmm.....  Price range about 200 USD.


Thank you :)


Oh, and hopefully the cracking issue will be fixed for good, it was quite sad to read the postings about the crackings. I mean, ordering headphones, liking them, and then suddenly they soon break? I feel for you.




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only headphones that i can think are sort of like what you're looking for is the Shure shr 840 and it should be in your price range, but that depends on your area


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Hi all guys.


Some days ago, i celebrated my 18 birthday.

A friends of mine want to make a present for me, and i thought i would new headphones, i never had.

I just bought in ear Sennheiser CX 300 two years ago; so i 've seen the Sennheiser 598 and i fallen in love with them, asd. Esthetically they're amazing. But i also read about crash issues... it has been fixed?

Does warranty cover this problem?

Is there a good alternative at the same price (150 euro)?

How many people bought them and they crashed?


Thanks :)

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I have had them since last Saturday, not cracks yet.... its my first pair of decent cans. I've been using them from the iPad with the total bithead amp in lo gain and from a computer using the NuForce uDAC2. So far I love them for jazz and non rock live music (Dave Matthews, Diana Krall). For rock, they are good, but not amazing.... Currently thinking of getting some Grados! To summarize, the HD 598's sound great, are extremely comfortable, look great, have a detachable cable.... for my limited experience with headphones, they are a winner in my book!

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Well that's confortable...

However i listen 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's music for the most, like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Guns 'n Roses, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, ecc...

Are those cans good for that kind of music? What should i buy?


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I just received my HD 598s! Really beautiful airy sound right from the start. Initial impressions are very good so far


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