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Originally Posted by jodgey4 View Post

Does anybody have instructions/ a link to a guide to disassemble these? There appears to be something loose inside the left side... triportsad.gif
What you hear on the left side?
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I borrowed them and returned them to the owner, and he says something is clearly loose in the left side... rattling I guess. Loose screw maybe? I'm going to meet him to try and fix them in a bit. I don't remember any issues when I had them, I used them daily during the time I had them... my only thought is that something rattled loose in the car ride over to meet him, but considering it happened on my watch it's my responsibility to solve. Wish me luck!

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It could have been either of us. There is something vibrating inside the left cup that is changing the sound.
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Nahhh... he's a great guy and I've met with him many times... no tomfoolery there. Yep, peel the pads off, three screws, and that's it! Very easy, and well constructed. Whatever it was, went away when we tested them... I guess we'll never know what happened.

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Originally Posted by MarcadoStalker7 View Post

The guy probably is trying to fool you. If not, there is maybe some piece of plastic or anything inside the left driver.
It's easy to open, you just need to take off the pads pulling off and then take off the screws.
Good luck.smile.gif

Um... What the hell
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Originally Posted by Saoshyant View Post

Um... What the hell


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Originally Posted by MarcadoStalker7 View Post

I always had the curiosity of listen the 598's in a awesome desktop amp like the Leben CS300X, WA7 or HDVD800. With a better cable and the iPod touch 5G as source, my god *-*

Some people here say the 598's recabled is even better. (More refined, more detailed, and more clear). Instead of buying a new cable try to recable it yourself to improve it!


I've listened the HD598's with some top tier amps but they doesn't scale much. The impact on sound can be noticed when you use a good Dac. 

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Yeah, the DAC in my NFB-28 is killer, and the HD598's scale up much better than expected! Considering the easy power reqs. it must be the DAC.

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Man, I usually find the hd598 a little boring, but listened to some alt rock vinyl on the stereo and it paired much better than expected. Whatever was giving the hd598 some bass in that chain, I salute you.
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I miss mine :(:(:(

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Originally Posted by indieman View Post

I miss mine frown.giffrown.giffrown.gif
What happened to yours? ;(
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I had this great idea: Sell my hd598's, then use the money to "upgrade" to hd600's or something. Well I still didn't have enough money for new cans, spent the hd598 money, so now I have no cans and no money lol

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Just found this thread. Time to get reading! 


I got my HD598's paired with a standalone ODAC, a Vali, and an Asgard 2. What do you all think of my pairing?

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I'm very curious if the HD598 sounds good with the vali?

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