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Just sent them away to buy a mid level amp  :'(


I loved them though

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Originally Posted by gohanssjn View Post

Haha, that's exactly what I had before my 598s.  I use the 598s more now than I ever did the 840s :)


They are currently on my ears and and will probably become my primary headphones

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Just bought another pair of 598, (i previously had a used pair and loved them but sold them because I needed the cash at the time.


This time I bought I brand new pair off ebay for $230!   Cant wait.    The reccessed mids on my M50's are really starting to bug me..

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Originally Posted by musicman43 View Post


They are currently on my ears and and will probably become my primary headphones


Exactly what happened to me.  Love the sound of the 840, and the isolation, but the 598n are my daily drivers now.  And so darn comfortable!

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I have always loved the way these look. 

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I have a problem, guys. The ear pads of the HD598 are a little dirty so how do you clean your ear pads? Thanks a lot!

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Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean your headphones/ear pads. Please do not use any solvents or cleansing agents. If they are damaged or worn, you may want to get them replaced. 


Click on the following link for more tips - http://en-de.sennheiser.com/service-support/maintain-your-headphones

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I just got mine yesterday, how long do they take to break in. They sound great out of the computer, but even better out of my Eximus DP1.  Very well balanced, detailed. Being a noob I was wearing them backwards for a bit heh.. but they were still comfy. Anyways I was one of the people who thought they were butt ugly, but they aren't that bad in person. They seem really well built too. 


I like the open sound,  its very natural. I guess with a closed headphone you get more bass. The 598s have bass, seems very accurate, but most people like that saturated bass.


The headphones aren't as good as my regular stereo though, but still very nice. The headphone presentation is so different its really hard to make that comparison I guess.


Detail is great.. on the Eximus you only need to turn it to 9, whereas  the Beyer T1 needs to go past 12 (I don't own the T1, just listened to on DP1.) 

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Regularly you need few weeks of normal listening and it will be smooth, everything will be smooth and silky except the bass which you can improve by using amplifiers. The bass is accurate and has power but if you need strong bass you definitely need good amplifiers, however bass is not a strong area of the HD598. If you want a bass monster you should look for other cans.


My HD598 through Fiio E10 is a little bit lifeless. The midrange sometimes is low and far away, not sure if the recordings are like that or just because the E10 is not good for HD598. The treble has many details and clarity but it is not good either. Hopefully when I get a C421 OPA2227, my HD598 will sing better.

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hi, I need to upgrade my xb500 with hd 598


If I`ll buy the headphones with this audiophile soundcard I will notice a difference between the integrated soundcard and the asus? [FLAC music only] http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829132019


How is hd598 with iphone and apple lossless format ? Is it high quality ?

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I gotta say, I've been using my HD598s a lot recently. They go *very* well with the O2, and the hot weather. The Fostex are too damn hot!

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When my HD 555 recently broke after like 5 years of use, I couldn't find any other headphones as comfortable as them except the HD 5XX series, so I just went ahead and bought HD 598 - and I love them! :)

I have a question though, and if anyone could answer it, it would be great!

I use an Early 2011 MacBook Pro as audio source, and I've read that Macs have decent amps and DACs, but I also know HD 598 has an impedance hump in the bass frequencies, and I'm not sure if my Mac powers that hump or not. 50% volume on my Mac is comfortable listening level. These things hint me of that buying a DAC/amp maybe wouldn't improve the sound super much...

Would anyone of you say that buying a DAC/amp for my setup be worth it? Do you think I would clearly notice difference and be happy I bought it? I'm looking at the Audinst HUD-MX1 which goes for like 215 USD where I live (Japan). Or, would the Mac DAC be good enough and just a dedicated amp enough (if so; suggestions welcomed).


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Yes, I must say if you want to get the most of HD598s. You really need a good DAC and an amplifier. Just take your HD598 and your Macbook with you then go to the shops where you live and try as many DACs and Amplifiers as you can. Audinst HUD-MX1 is fine for HD598 but I do not think it is a good DAC+AMP unit for HD598. You need to try by yourself to be sure which DACs, AMPs are good for HD598.

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The difference isn't super substantial, but my set up does improve over my PC's default realtek audio.

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Just got my HD598 today, and boy it's a beaut! (kinda ugly at 1st, but came to like it later :D)


I primarily use my Sennheiser eh350 for daily listening. My first impression for this headphone is.....it's clear! The vocal can be heard very clearly. Soundstaging is excellent. But a bit of lacking in the bass department. I can't say it will stay like that forever, since I haven't burn it in. The comfortability of this cans is definitely a plus, though I'm a bit worried it will get dirty easily (and sweaty.....).


For my current setup, I just plug it into my AudioTrak Maya U5 DAC. Still thinking of buying a cheap and decent amp (they said JDSLabs' Cmoy Amp is "good"), but I'm kinda skeptical about how it will improve the bass power and quality. I'm not a bass head, but a decent bass is always preferrable for me. Anyway, this is a very nice set of cans. Not regretting it at all :D

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