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Just needing/wanting some general input.

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Hello everyone, I am a rather new member this will be my second post so try not to burn me to much if this is the wrong forum section to ask in. Apologies in advance if needed.


But anyways I have recently been very interested in getting a quality set of headphones. Currently i use a cheap $20 Sony clip on set with my 4th gen iTouch. What I'm looking for is in the price range of $150 max, preferably something small, in ear style. On ear or over ear what ever they are called are welcome as well. They will be used with my itouch, at home on the computer or, around school. I have looked around at some brands such as Bose, AKG, Sennheiser, Grado but cant really decide on what would be a proper choice simple because most reviews i read on them consist of "great set" "meh" or some lame hack job of a review.


Basically to sum it up for you.


$150 max price.

preferred is ear buds of some kind, on ear or over ear will do as well.

brand does not really matter. I'm completely open to most brands. Beats can screw off.

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Joker's review would be nice to start off with.


Check this post, its worth the effort and by going through it, you'd be appreciating what he's done not just for you, but the community at large


You have several nice options in the $150 range really. Some of the options you have include the

- Meelec A151

- Brainwavz M1/M2/M3

- Sunrise SW-Xcape

- Head Direct ReZero

- Klipsch Custom 3 (beware the cable, its pretty retarded IMO)

- Audéo Phonak PFE 122

- Panasonic RP-HJE900

- Quite a number of others =D

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Head-Direct REO's will outperform any of the above options.

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Holy crap that is quite the review. I went through most of it, some really great notes in there.  Has anyone (or him) done a mass review on the on/over ear sets? i was kind of thinking of getting the Sennheiser PX360's

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Joker's thread is a great resource, and so is ClieOS's reviews. He just posted up a concise comparison thread grouped by sound signature, which is really helpful:




If you have less to spend and want something discreet on the go, in-ears are going to be better for portable use - especially because of their great isolation.


Might help if you tell us a little about what kind of music you listen to, what kind of sound you like, what you've already heard and liked?

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Ya i have been on this site for a few days now just reading. A lot of really helpful posts here. I love it.


Now to topic.

As always spending less but receiving same quality is a major plus. $150 would be the absolute max spending though. Now that Ive been reading Ive also grown interest in portable amps. but that's for another thread. (maybe this one if i play my cards right... :p ) So like i said if i could get maybe cheaper price set and an amp. that would be great.


My music interest is mainly rock, any form of rock. classic-metal. A little bit of hip-hop, rap. And a slow growing interest in techno, dub step, electronic.


As far as what can i have heard and liked. Only my pairs of Bose QC2 and QC3 and the In-ear they made. My grandma got them for me. She is a "brand" type of person. so thats why she got them. I really had no choice. 

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