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For Sale: SOLD: Meier Corda StageDAC

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For Sale:
SOLD: Meier Corda StageDAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I own two StageDAC's, so I'm posting one of the two StageDAC's up for sale here. The reason I own two, is because I posted a Wanted ad here just a week ago, and was able to purchase one from a fellow head-fi'er. Then while telling my girlfriend about it, she told me that she also bought a StageDAC for me as a surprise for our anniversary. (Yes, she's a great woman.)


I am the second owner to both StageDACs. One was ordered in September and the other in December, so they are as close to brand new as you can get. No blemishes/dings/scratches/etc. I'll let you chose which of the two you want, because they are both so new, that it wouldn't matter to me which one I part with. It will include the Box, manual, etc. You will get everything included as if you were buying it brand new. Plus, buying new, takes 3-4 weeks.


These DACs are incredible. I can only imagine the cost of a DAC that would be considered an "upgrade" to the StageDAC. The sound is fantastic and the amount of features is also a great addition. It gives you the ability to adjust the sound to your liking.


I'm asking $630 including shipping to CONUS, Int is extra. (Plus Paypal fees, if necessary)


EDIT: For some reason the picture went in landscape vs. portrait.

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PM and paypal information had been provided. Sending over fund now. Brian please confirm

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Yup, this beautiful StageDAC is sold to Mrcontent!


We have arranged a local meetup, for Saturday, Feb. 26th.

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