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NoVa/DC area meet 2/20/11 impressions - Page 3  

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They are being amped with a Marantz 2220B with a modded SRD-7/SB adapter. Large setup but I wouldn't mind bringing it in. I need a new DAC before then though. I have a TT as well but that might be too much of a fuss. 

Lest we forget my FE126 bookshelvers. The Marantz has a remote and main out so I can have both playing at the same time which is a heavenly experience. It is a library but if the setup is similar to last time I doubt it would be much of a problem.


I am thinking maybe the second week of June? I don't know how busy I'll be this summer. I will know by mid-late April. 

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Any weekend will work for me.  If we go for the library again we might wanna plan ahead so we reserve a bigger room.


I haven't bought anything myself, except the JMoney headband for my PS1000

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Didn't we have the largest room? Max capacity is 10 or 12 people. There is the option of having it at the audio convention but that will cost money and we will kinda out of place since it is more of a showroom event. What places have room for around 20 people?

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Other libraries.  The  room in Annandale was a lot bigger and they have bigger room in Arlington. 

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Rooms A and B hold 50 each I believe.

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I will check those out. Is May or June better for you guys?

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Either one works for me.  Except I wouldn't try to plan for Memorial Day weekend, people might do some other stuff those days


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I will have to wait and see when I can attend. I also need to get rid of my damned uDac. I understand why people hate USB audio. Granted the device itself is at fault but optical doesn't have these sorts of problems.

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I wouldn't say that at all.  I don't know much about the uDAC but maybe it's just too small or just barily too old tech wise but I have 2 USB DACs and love them both.  My HRT MS 2+ is 24/96 and is truely a nice DAC but it's also the new tech asynchronous and fully isolates all noise from the computer and has ultra-low jitter - I think the asynch part is the key and not many usb dacs are asynch.  However, I don't believe my Fiio e7 is asynch and it still sounds about as good. (even with my 24/196 files which still surprises me).  My issue is that I have 3 DACs total but still nothing that works on optical which is what I need for my stereo.


I think I'm up for almost any weekend though I'd push for the later since we did just have a meeting.


At out last meet someone was talking about a 'better' place to hold this which had more room and had power in the middle of the tables - though I don't remember who it was or where they were talking about.  Hopefully, with a couple months heads up we should have more poeple at the next meet and our last one was at capacity.  And I don't think the 2 highly sepereated room idea will really work.

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Maybe a new thread should be started in the meets forum instead of the meet impressions forum? People who would like to attend might not be checking this forum for info about a new meet.

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