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AD700 upgrade

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So i plan on giving my ad700 to my girlfriend because im planning to upgrade to a higher end set of cans. The genres i listen to are Classical, Acoustic pop/rock, J-pop/rock, and a tiny bit of power metal. I have a thing for Strings(Violin, cello, guitar). What i appreciated most is a large soundstage great clarity and the imaging has to be spot on. My budget is $500 and i am willing to save a bit more for a dac/amp (been looking at the nuforce icon hdp). Any recommendations :D?

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AD2000 perhaps? They don't have as large a soundstage (they have a much more natural sounding one IMO), but they whip the AD700 in nearly every other aspect, especially in the colored but seductive midrange, refinement and bass extension. They're excellent for rock and fast music. Plus they sound very good out of an ipod.

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