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Hello guys.. Let me post my small comparison between pro alpha and M1 and  let me know what you think.


Bass: I think pro alpha goes deeper and has better texture. Noticed that when i put the bass eq (with my cowon j3) in full levels both my q-jays and my M1 distort bad in high volume. My pro alpha does also but a bit less. Does this says anything about all three of them.?


Mids: I think M1 wins here. It is more mid centric, but at the same time more smooth and polite. I find this neither good or bad. M1 has more texture in the mids and more dynamics in this part of the sound spectrum.


Highs: I found that pro alpha extends further in highs. Pro alpha is also more edgy than the M1. Also i think the highs are if not more clear, more pronounced.


Soundstage: Pro alpha seems better and more natural here. I am sure its soundstage is wider. After switching from my q-jays to M1 i thought the left earphone was broken. A moment later i  realized that its rather a brain burn effect and the soundstage of Brainwavz is narrow.atsmile.gif On the contrary, M1 is more in your face and its soundstage extends deeper-further than the alphas.


Overall Pro alpha seems slightly v-shaped and edgy (in a good way) when compared with the M1. I have the feeling that M1 are more laid back smooth and mid centric but not aggressive mid.


So i am starting to like the pro alpha more. And i might gift the M1 eventually. The thing is that pro alpha haven't burn in at all. I dont think i have used them more than 5 hours and this is my second time wearing them since i was planning to sell them or gift them.


Please let me know what you think about my observations.


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