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Brainwavz pro alpha VS Brainwavz M1,,,,,which one is better? - Page 2

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I took a stab he found them on amazon, they are often on sale for around $20.

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Originally Posted by UriAvitan View Post

 i ordered the "fun" Brainwavz pro alpha,,,,thank you all for your amazing help!!!!

hojomojo96, where you saw the M6 in 20$?????

in this price i`ll order them for my workout and gym :)

The Valentine's day edition is 25$ + free shipping on newegg.com. You get two for the price, but one is pink, which may be a plus or a minus depending who you want to give it to smily_headphones1.gif

I don't think you'll be disappointed with the ProAlpha.

BTW, are you in the US? Looks like the M1 is 30$ there right now... And the ProAlpha comes with a free Fiio E5... Which is weird, because I'd expect the M1 to benefit a bit more from it, but whatever smily_headphones1.gif
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i live in israel :)

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Originally Posted by UriAvitan View Post

i live in israel :)

Hmm, then you'll have to wait for a sale on meelec.com for the M6, because none of the other sales ship outside the USA.

As a non-USian, I feel your pain smily_headphones1.gif
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Good choice. I hope you enjoy them. Looking forward to reading your review. :) 

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Yeah, saw 'em on amazon.

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I just order the valentine edition of the m6 with coupon i receive from meelec so i pay 25$ for couple of M6 smily_headphones1.gif
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I got the MEElectronics M6 awhile back for $20. How would the M1 or ProAlpha compare to the M6 considering both are around the same price point?

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Never heard the ProAlphas so I can't comment, but amongst the M1 and M6, I found the M1 to be the technically superior earphone, but still have both earphones around if I'm in a mood for a different sound sig =)


You can't go wrong with the M6 for $20, its a steal, and I paid $31 for my M1, no regrets there either.

Ultimately, it depends if you want a more balanced sounding earphone or a very capable fun earphone =)

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I realized after posting that I should just stick with the M6. I already have it and the M1 or Pro Alpha are around the same price with around the performance. It's not like I'm moving up a tier in sound quality. I'll save my money for a full size headphone. I really want some for home theater and gaming with my PS3.

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Originally Posted by hojomojo96 View Post

Really, I'm not sure. RE2s are supposed to be great for balanced, and not very bassy listening. I have a pair coming in tomorrow :P

Supposed sound sig:

Balanced, bass shy


My mom has a pair of M6's coming in tomorrow, too. They're supposed to be a great deal at the $20 you can get them for, and in my opinion are the best looking out of all three. (The clears o.O)

Remember they have to be worn over ear.

Supposed sound sig:

V shaped, heavy bass. Very fun sounding.


And then the Pro Alphas. I won't get to try these until a sale comes up. :P  But they're supposed to be an amazing deal even at full price.

Supposed sound:

Fun sounding, heavier bass than M1's.

The Pro Alphas are on sale @ MP4 Nation right now for US$22.50 if you're still interested in buying them.. You can get another 5% off during checkout with coupon code: fa14a8b257

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Thanks for the heads up, I already bought them though. :P Saw the sale yesterday :D Couldnt use the coupon code though, for some reason.

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That's odd that the coupon didn't work for you yesterday.. I just tried it again now and it still works fine for me.. Total after coupon was $21.37..

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This morning, actually, but yeah, it is weird... Oh well, its only a dollar :P And I still saved 17.50 :D

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I've tried both and personally preferred the ProAlpha. Yeah I guess you can make a stretch and say that the M1 is a little more "analytical", but I'm not sure if that's more because of "technical superiority" or because of its lack of liveliness. I found it a bit too laid back for me and the mids and treble were a bit too recessed for my liking. In a budget IEM, I tend to look for a more engaging and "fun" signature because there's no way you can expect to do any real analytical listening with a $20 IEM. I felt the ProAlpha was more fun and engaging, and didn't sacrifice much in terms of detail retrieval. It's also easier to drive than the M1.


The M2 is a great IEM which is a large step up from the two. The strain relief is a bit too long, and I recommend cutting it like rawrster did to make over-the-ear wearing much more manageable. I thought about doing that, but wasn't sure how feasible it was; if I had known that rawrster did the same with good results, I probably would still have the the M2 in my possession.

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