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PortaPro upgrade

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Right now I use PortaPro for jogging, etc.(pretty much my primary iPod headphone) and Sony MDR-V6 for my PC.  Lately I've been swapping out the V6s for the PortaPros for music so figure I might as well replace them.  I'm looking for something similar to the PortaPro but with better details/something more accurate.  I've had the DT-990s but do not like the fit; so far it looks as though the ATH-M50 seem like a good fit but I'm looking for more feedback(only "drawback" of the M50s seems to be the soundstage, inherent due to the closed design).  I listen to a very very wide variety of music so I need something versatile.  Non-amped prefered but that's just a preference, I can get an amp, no problem, so long as it's within reason(nothing very expensive).  Right now my budget is $300 but you know, I'd rather spend the least amount as possible.  :)



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will you use them for running/jogging? 

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Sorry, double post. pls delete..


Dont know what happened with my browser. 

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No, it's for home(PC).  I'm keeping the PortaPro's for exercise and have no plans to replace them for that purpose.

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Originally Posted by K2e2vin View Post


I've had the DT-990s but do not like the fit


Mind elaborating on what you didn't like about the DT990.


And frankly, looking at your signature, you have likely tried quite a number of cans. Why not consider getting an dac/amp and see if they could make the V6 better? 


Anyway, if you do like the Porta-pro, why not get another Porta-pro and have some fun mods with it?


It's way cheaper than dishing out hundreds of buckaroo for headphone that might not fit your taste...

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I've already modded the portapros(kramer mod). The V6s simply do not have the lows the portapro or dt990s have, even with amping and eq.

The dt990s were simply loose on my head. I was able to bring out the mids a little so that wasnnt a problem but the cups just slid around my ear(compared to v6 which stay put and clamp around my ear nicely). I also disliked the cushion; material was soft but I'd like a thicker and softer cushion.
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I recommend the Denon AH D1100's. I just bought a pair from a fellow head-fier and love them. A good amount of bass while still remaining extremely detailed. Way bigger soundstage than I thought. One minor complaint I've read on here is that the mids tend to be recessed, but I haven't noticed it all that much when I have it EQed on my nano (treble booster) plus it gets better with burn-in. I love them, they're just what I wanted. Very comfortable, can be portable if you want, and they just sound amazing. 

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