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Philadelphia Meet -- MARCH

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Just wanted to reach out to some fellow head-fi'ers in the Philly area. How many people would be interested in setting up a meet next month?

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I would definitely be interested. I am going for the NYC meet on the 19th but would be open to attend another one nearby biggrin.gif

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Finally, a response! It seems as if our fellow Philly Head-fi'ers are a bit more soft-spoken than most. Is there anyone else around who may be interested?



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biggrin.gif This was the last Philly meet . Really unfortunate that I missed it, they had some great equipment. 


A lot of them will be attending the NYC meet as well. I would probably get in touch with some of them. But I'm definitely in for a meet even if it's not in March but somewhere down the line.

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I am waiting for my DACport. So won't have anything to show at meeting. :/

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sfhoo -- You are more than welcome to come and try out some of our gear. What are you using to listen right now?

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I'm just using my Fisher mold UE TripleFi 10.

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We are in the process of moving the meet to April/May. Updates will follow.

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Lets hope we can get some interest

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If I'm still at school or in Philadelphia by the time this meet happens, I (along with one or two of my friends) may be interested in going.

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I'd like to go but a ride to philly would be hard to obtain. Not to mention it'd be hard to convince my parents to let me go.
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Thank you everyone for your interest.


The meet has been moved to May to accommodate more members. The new thread can be found here:

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