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Doesn't anyone else care about the shape of the plug?

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Having an L-plug is essential for me but it never seems to be a big deal to anyone on these forums.  If it's not an L-plug, it's a deal-breaker.  This seems to eliminate 80% of IEMs, but that's ok, since i still have quality choices.  I am just surprised that this isn't a bigger issue.  If i wrap the cable around my Nano and shove it in my pocket, i don't want anything sticking out (i.e. an I-plug).


I have been visiting this forum for years, but am in no way qualified to comment on quality of earphones; I'm no audiophile, just a wannabe.  So whatever seems to be the consensus on these forums is what i will end up buying and hopefully train myself to hear the sound qualities that are described here in strange, yet richly descriptive terms.  I've spent about 5 hours over the last two days researching IEMs in the sub-$100 range because two days ago the cable on the Audio Technica ATH-CK7's got sliced and the left side no longer works. I commute by train 3+ hours per day and i can't last without music.  I have to buy a pair tonight. 


Since the L-plug issue narrows my choice, I'm looking at:


-Hippo VB


-Fischer Audio Silver Bullet (looks like these will stick too far out of my ear and i think my preference is for deep insertion (is there a less dirty way to say that?) which the SB's apparently don't allow for).


-Fischer Audio Eterna (current frontrunner)


-ECCI PR41 (don't know if i like that flat cable)


-MEElectronic CC51


I'm not really asking for suggestions here, but don't mind if they are offered.  I am genuinely curious how the plug is not a big issue to anyone else.  Btw, i don't care that these IEMs potentially have vastly different sound signatures because i don't think i have a strong preference.  I can appreciate 'accurate' and i can appreciate 'fun' even if those sound completely different.  I think i am in the mood for 'fun' right now.  That's why Eterna is the frontrunner.  If i decide that doesn't work for me, i'll buy another pair in a year.

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wrapping your IEM cable around your ipod is a big no-no. especially when  when u keep the plug in the headphone jack as it does create quite a bit of stress on the cable and jack.

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I hate I plugs as well.. Though it is not a complete deal breaker for me. Personally looking at sub 100 earphones as well.


Currently narrowed my choices down to the SW Xscape which is an i plug, and the PR401.

Even though I don't have the habit of wrapping my phones ard my player, I still feel that L plug seems to last longer, at least for me.


The reason why I am considering the Xscape is due to the rave reviews on this forums, haven't heard it yet but plan on going down within the next couple of days to give it an audition. Don't have any means to audition the PR401 but have heard the PR300 and from the comparisons I've read here, the 401 should be great for me.

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Don't wrap the cable around your player. Any decent modern IEMs will come with a carrying case.

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I am not an IEM guy. I prefer earbuds. But I have never and will never wrap the cable around my MP3 player. As the other people write here, it is a sure way of reducing the lifespan of your IEM's.


Either you will get a case with the IEM's when you buy them, or you can find a cheap one on Ebay. You can find the cheaper ones for less than US$3.


This is how it can look like:





The plug is protected from strain when you put it in your pocket and it will last a lot longer than wrapped around your MP3 player.

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If you think no one here cares about the L-plug, you must not be reading much of head-fi, one of the biggest proponents of a good, sturdy L-plug. Most of us also are clever enough not to strain our earphones, cables, or DAP's by wrapping cables around them.

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I hate I-plugs too,

I am thinking about buying adapters for all my straight plugs converting them to L-plugs. 

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Originally Posted by Jonasklam View Post

I hate L-plugs too,


Think you meant you hate I plugs right?

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45 degree plugs are the worst offenders IMO, even easier to snag on the fabric of your pockets than I or L plugs

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I find this really strange, because I hate L-plugs. When my DAP is in my pocket, I want the cable to come straight up put of the pocket, and an extra bend just seems to get in the way and lose me an inch or two of cable length.

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L Plugs = 45 degree plugs...

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Originally Posted by hojomojo96 View Post

L Plugs = 45 degree plugs...

I beg to differ



vs this (plug on the far right)



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Sorry, I blanked for a while. I meant to say 90 degree = L plug

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Have to say I've not had a problem with earbugs breaking from being wrapped around my MP3 players.


Usually it gets done when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to put them in a case. Many of them have bulky connectors in the middle which makes wrapping/storing them compactly awkward.


L connectors work everywhere. Straight connectors are too awkward a player with the jack on the side.


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You're right it doesn't matter to quite a few of us (me)..as long as the earphones are good I couldn't care about the shape of the plug..I just use a decent carry case and it all works fine.

Out of your list I would pick the HippoVB.

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