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Something different

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Hey, everyone,


It was near the end of 2009 that, after some search and with the help of some people here, I got my first pair of decent headphones - Alessandro's MS1i. I liked them and I still do; they're great, especially for funk, groovy stuff and rock.


I am now thinking about getting something different. I am no audiophile and I don't have much money too spend. I don't see it as an upgrade, because I don't want to spend much more and because this new headphones would serve a different purpose.


Basically, I am looking for something comfortable, suited for digital piano playing, jazz and classical music. It's for home use only and I would rather not use an amp, as I don't with the MS-1i's.


With 100€ to spend, and maybe willing to buy second hand from someone from the forum or so, what would you recomend? And is there anything closed for this price? I'm thinking something with enough noise cancellation for live playing.


And another thing: my right ear is somewhat sensitive to loud and high noises. It's nothing special, it doesn't bother me in normal day to day living; I've been to the doctor and everything is allright, but loud high noises can be a little painful. I never listen to loud music, but the piano can be high in pitch. Would this be relevant for picking this new headphones?


Thank you very much for your help. :) 

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Maybe the Audio Technica AD700s.  They're supposed to be pretty comfy unless you have a small head and have a good soundstage as well.

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Thanks for the input. Any other options I should consider?

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You misspelled comfortable. You should look into Denon d1000, they are ridiculously comfortable.

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If you want comfy then sony xb 700s all the way lol if you can handle the bass that is.

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Thanks for the tips on comfort. However, comfort is not the ultimate goal. I am definetly looking for something more comfortable than the Alessandro's, but I can wear them from som time with no discomfort.

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