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For Sale:
Great Condition Audio-Technica CK90Pro (SOLD)

Will Ship To: Preferabbly United States

Great condition CK90PRO IEM. Works 100% no problems whatsoever.Comes with all original packaging and accessories.


Little memory in the wire but that's about it.


Foam mod is done to increase treble. (Yellow foam filters inside were cut in half and put back in)

Mentioned in page 6-7:

"My solution then was to take the foam I removed from the 90's, cut 1/4 off, and reinsert that one quarter of foam back into the nozzle! Thanks to the acoustic horn shape it can't be inserted too deep, and I gave it a bit of a shake to make sure that small piece of foam wouldn't just fall out into my ear canal and cause some horrible infection. It seems secure so far.

As for the sound, with 1/4 of the foam left in to my ears its as good as it can get for the 90Pros I suspect. It loses most of the muffled quality of the out of the box 90Pros, and stays smooth to boot. Listening to some sine wav sweeps, there are still two peaks in the treble, but they don't irritate my ears like they used to.

I also experimented with the other 3/4 of the foam, but found that that just sounded muffled again like the old 90Pro of yore.

As you would expect, there is some direct relationship between the amount of foam and the amount of treble. It makes me wonder why they put so much foam in in the first place. It almost feels like, along with the bad packaging, plastic rather than titanium construction, etc, AT wanted to preserve a greater price differential between the CK90Pro and the CK10.

EDIT: This means I can also turn off the EQ completely on my Walkman! Less hiss and thus greater dynamic range. Hoorah! " -a_recording


Also please feel free to make any other money offers than the price posted. Although I'm trying to sell as close as possible to the price posted.


EDIT: Sale is being made. All offers at this point will secure priority if sale does not go through.





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