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Really what can I say? Impressive...




CEE TEE, I had so much fun. thank you.


Listening to John Coltrane right now with my HiFiMAN RE-262 compliments of Dr Fang Bian. Yes I had a winning raffle ticket!

Rahkim you make me want to get some Grados, only so you can Mod them for me. Cocobollo Woodie Cups!

You know what, there was good shiit at the meet, enjoyed talking to Jason.



Everyone was so helpful...

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Congrats! CEE TEE, fellow attendees and supporters... job well done!

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Originally Posted by n3rdling View Post

The W11R I've never heard before and it caught me off guard.  Quite a nice headphone, though it seems it is extremely difficult to find.  If they were more common I think they would be extremely popular on this forum.  The midrange in particular was very nice. 


It was nice to meet all of you, this was a great meet.  I don't remember anybody's username (I'm really bad with names) but I do remember a lot of faces, who's who? :p

Glad you got home safely n3rdling! Thanks so much for providing your system for us to listen to. Your Stax Omega sounded like headphones that Jesus may have created Himself. It was heavenly and if you see my For Sale classifieds, you can definitely consider ME converted XD 


As for the W11R, I was wondering how it would have sounded through something solid state as I prefer it playing straight through my Anedio DAC. I find it more resolving and spacious without going through my tube amp. But anyways, you are probably the second person I know on Head-fi that has listened to the W11R biggrin.gif Sorry about not staying longer though. I had to finish up my studies and I drove to the library immediately afterward. Hopefully, I'll see you again soon.

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+1 on n3rdling's setup, it was definitely one of the show's highlights. 


This meet was really great, I got to listen to so many different cans and rigs. I'm glad I finally got to audition the LCD-2's on my amp setup (didn't disappoint!).  The turnout was really impressive, with such a strong bay area showing, I could see this happening on a semi-annual basis...  Props to Cee Tee for making this such a great event with all the MOT's.  It was a real treat, can't wait to do it again.

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other people's setup impressed me... a lot


and it is pretty much dream come true that I get to try out Orphe, T1, STAX, etc... all at the same time.

not only that, there is woo audio everywhere !!! and I happens to be very familiar with woo audio, therefore I get very precise listening

although my setup does not grab that much attention, it definately gets me some people who shares very similar thoughts

It just happens that my laptop break down on me and I did not bring any other source out there. Yet people did borrow me their iPod, iDock, when I enjoy people taking the CDs I put on the side away freely


A few special mentions out here:

Shane55's Benchmark DAC1 "pre" with Denon combo let me re-pick up my faith on computer-orient sound source. Digital source can be hard to sounds good. Yet not only is it convenience, but it sounds good

Calaf's BeyerDynamic makes me see how much a headphone can change with very little tweak



Thanks for folks who let me borrowed their equipment

and thank you all for sharing your equipments, all of them are impressive

and lastly, CEE TEE contribute too much for this event

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Hey all,


Many thanks to CEE TEE for inviting us up and thanks to everyone else for being so welcoming.


Both Mike and I had a great time, though unfortunately the barbecue attachment and coffee warmer options were not available in time for the show. Maybe next show!


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Originally Posted by K3cT View Post

That Stax on the stand... what is it supposed to be? 




That's the STAX SR-Omega (not O2)


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Originally Posted by n3rdling View Post
Got home more than an hour faster than Google thought I could beerchug.gif


...  Maybe we have some new Stax converts in the making. biggrin.gif



I'm going to have to raid my kids' college fund now!

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Had a great time yesterday.  Was great meeting everyone, and I was happy to see all the interest in my Vinyl setup. 


Standouts for me were the LCD2's (I think I'm going to have to grab a pair of these), and the K1000's.  I've read the posts raving about the K1000's, and listening to them on Doc B's setup was nothing short of amazing.  Doc's analog reel's feeding his bottlehead tube monoblocks was an eye opener.  I really loved that setup.  I didn't get to spend much time at n3rdling's blue hawaii/Omega2 setup, and the room was very loud at the same time.  Hopefully next time I'll be able to spend some more time and do some more critical listening.


Thanks CEE-TEE for setting this up!

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I hope you guys had a great time!

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post


Originally Posted by K3cT View Post

That Stax on the stand... what is it supposed to be? 




That's the STAX SR-Omega (not O2)




Dang, I always wonder how it sounds in comparison with the MK1 and MK2. 

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Some quick impressions:


  • Rockcod / YBM (builds AMB gear), who I didn't even know lived in the Bay Area, sat to my right. His balanced HD600s into the B22 were very nice - very neutral. This is an "oldskool" setup now given all the new toys available, but that setup is still something to be reckoned with!
  • Shane55 shared his D7000s with me, which were much better than the D5000s I used to own. If I hadn't already purchased the the W1000X's...
  • Frank's DIY setup with the glowing blue rectifier tubed amp / SR507s sounded really fun and lively - the level of immediacy listening to the Eagle's Hell's Freezes Over CD was striking. This was another good take on 'stats compared to n3rdling's setups (which were all totally insane.)
  • rhythmdevils brought a bunch of planar 'phones to my table. I actually kinda liked the modified T20s given their price!
  • pcf (Paul) brought some great stuff, Grado HP1, buttoned RS-1 with flats, LCD-2s. I was amazed at the sound and construction quality of the HP1s. I can only look at current production Grados and shake my head. I'll have to hunt down some HP1s or 2s if the Magnums don't come close. pcf was in the process of moving to London while making this meet! I'm sad that I won't be able to see him in person again - or at least not anytime soon.
  • Mike at the Schitt Audio table was a crack up! I enjoyed his sense of humor, though Jason kept trying to restrain him. I had some decent head time on the Lyr in the early morning, and at that price point can't be beat. Nice punchy impactful bass.
  • gzone3lement (Alex) helped babysit my gear in the morning, I had a chance to hear his Phonitor which is a very smooth sounding SS amp. Alex wanted to get some quality time with my PWD since he was considering upgrading from the DLIII. Toward lunch he had a hard time distinguishing between my Melos amp and his Phonitor amp. LOL, I did too after a while - it was listening fatigue.
  • I had some quality time at the HiFiMan table with the HE-6 and EF5. I liked this setup a lot and almost purchased it. The HM-801 portable DAC was really something too.
  • I got to hear epoc's (Mark) HD800 and Woo 6SE rig. I hate to say it, but I liked the HD800s here better than any of the LCD-2s setups (some were much better than others) at the meet. ph34r.gif
  • I didn't get chance to hear the Bottlehead stuff unfortunately. Every time I looked at the table, it was fully occupied.
  • Somehow, I missed the Orpheus. frown.gif
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Thanks to all who participated yesterday, I had a great time visiting the gang in my second home town. Lots of familiar faces and lots of new ones too, making for a great vibe. The Bay Area group is just super nice folks, much like our growing Seattle group. Thanks to Cee Tee for exemplary organization, thanks to my bro ironbut for schlepping gear and finding me a burger, thanks to Cary for the awesome cookies, thanks to Calaf for the loan of an adapter so we could hear the Aviators, thanks to Frank Cooder for the loan of an iron to fix a sick amp, thanks to all of you who took the great pix, and thanks to all who sat down and had a listen. All y'all are hereby invited to come up to the Seattle Head-Fi meet at Bottleheadquarters on March 5th.




Who knows, I might even have those prototype Bottleheadphones that our lovely model Lawanda was wearing (in memory of a lovely girl I sat next to on an airplane in my youth, who left me wondering why I never got her phone number) up and running.

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For a newbie (both to the headphone world and Head-Fi), this meet was like being a kid in a candy store. It was amazing to see and hear all the equipment that I could only dream about. Thanks to Horio for re-igniting my interest in turntables & vinyl. And who would have thought that I would be sitting next to the Doctor from Head-Direct during dinner and chatting with him over pints of Guiness about the audio industry, his doctorate in nano technology, and other interesting things under the Sun!! It was nice talking to Mdraluch23 and epocs also.


Thanks to CEE-TEE for organizing this and looking forward to next Bay Area meet.

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thanks so much to cee tee for organizing, and susan for greeting!

this was my first meet, and i had a really great time meeting people and finding out about their setups and how they go to where they were in their audio journey. of course, i also enjoyed trying out gear i can probably never afford! haha! the k1000s and lcd-2s absolutely blew me away. the music was just so lively! i also spent a lot of time hogging up adam's and doc b's setups. truly amazing. i didn't get to spend much time with n3rdling's setups because they were just too popular! but from the short time i was there, i was certainly impressed.

on the portable side, the hm-601 was incredible. i've tried the new players (s9, sflo2, j3) and owned some older (rio karma, ipod shuffle, ipod nano) and the 601 was the first really compelling one since my karma. (it helps that the price point was palatable too!)

i'm looking forward to the next norcal meet!
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