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HD650 , DT990 or AH-A100?

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I have been pretty happy with my Bose AE2 until I compared them with my old HD595's. I'm appalled at how I had forgot how good the Sennheiser's were. However the Bose's do have one advantage: comfort and light weight. I'm now looking at a REAL upgrade and have narrowed my selection to either Sennheiser HD650, Beyer DT990 or Denon AH-A100. Which one of these offer the best comfort? I listen to various kinds of music from classical to electrical genres and I like bass in moderate amounts.


For amping needs I have Fiio E7, but I'm planning on getting E9 to accompany it.

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Out of the three, the only one that I've repeatedly heard comments on how comfortable it is, is the HD650.

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Well, I've seen complaints about clamping from the HD-650. I found them modestly tight, but that went away after the pads broke in. Then I found them really comfortable.

I've never been crazy about the DT990 or Denons. The DT990's bass is overdone and Denon wildly overdoes its bass. The HD-650 is a shade dark, but it has fine balance overall. It is an excellent headphone - I think of the other two as cans for bassheads who don't care much about the mids or highs.

Another benefit to the HD-650 is that it truly scales with better amps. If you move to better amps, the HD-650 improves along with them. And until the new √ľberheadphones came along, the HD-650 was considered one of the best at any price. It's outdone by the HD-800 (which shocked me at the time), but it still holds its own against a number of the $1,000+ headphones. The Denon and DT990 have never been held in that high of a regard.
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