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What IEM to try next?

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Until now I had considered myself a basshead, but after trying several sets of IEMs I'm not so sure. It's hard to find that perfect balance. Spent last night out with a friend of a friend who let me listen to his IE8's and I was pretty impressed with the soundstage and general warm balance.


I have previously tried etymotic hf5s (not enough bass) and sold them, and now I just got a pair of munitio teknines. The bass from these things is incredibly loose and just bleeds all over everything, so I'll likely be selling these as well. Unusable for voice chat because everything gets muddled together. They actually sound quite good with jazz (bass guitar really jumps out), rather than any type of electronica. I'm back to using my MEE M6 for now. blink.gif


The question is what to try next? IE8 is a little out of my budget, as I'd prefer to keep it under 175-200. DBA-02? Triplefi 10? Can any M6 owners compare the bass to the TF10 or DBA02?


Music is mostly electronica, indie rock, jazz, and rap in flac or high mp3. Source is now my new Titanium HD, which should give me more access to what more expensive IEMs have to offer.

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bump, looks like I can get a pair of TF10's for $140. That probably my best bet?

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Probably, the more questions you ask the further you put off your entry to Audio Nirvana, and you have $60 saved up for your next purchase...devil_face.gif

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maybe the fisher eterna? great value, good bass and fun sound

or the other two big bass recommendations the hippo vb or pannasonic hje900

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