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AKG K-518 LE vs Denon DN-HP-700

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Looking for my first set of real cans, need opinions on these two... which one would be a better choice for hip hop & RnB?

short list of what i listen to: tribe called quest, nas, biggie, 2pac, jay-z, de la soul, dilated peoples, lupe fiasco, j.cole, B.O.B, pharcyde, fugees, talib kweli, mos def, j electronica, nujabes, marques houston, brian mcknight, anthony hamilton, john legend, ne-yo, usher, marvin gaye, aaliyah, alicia keys, musiq soulchild, bruno mars, j. holiday..

most of my fav artists use a lot of jazz and soul samples, and are pretty heavy on bass, and don't forget about alicia keys hitting those high notes :)

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bumping to first page.. these are pretty popular cans and they've been out for awhile now, there's gotta be a few of you audiophiles that owns or has at least auditioned them

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DENON HP700 without a doubt. There's no comparison.

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I'm puzzled. Why do people who enjoy music with a lot of bass in it want headphones with enhanced thumping bass? The bass is already there. Why not something neutral instead?

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Bass is important for Hip-Hop. You will love to feel the subwoofer with this genre and for the kind of music the OP listens to (which I know very well), I highly recommend the DENON HP700, once they have since explosive bass, to excelent, super realistic treble and highly detailed mids. Theres a review here comparing them to the $1000 DENON D7000's. They're very close and the HP700 cost 159€.

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