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Head-Fi UK Meet: 02/04/2011 - London

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Head-Fi UK Meet: 02/04/2011 - London

- It's Official! -


Details last updated 30/03/11 (updates in red)


The deadline to confirm attendance has now passed


Thank you to everyone who PM'd me to say they're attending.




AmpCity - UK headphone amp and DAC specialists. Stockists of gear by

  • Audiotailor
  • HeadAmp
  • Head Direct
  • Audio Gd
  • Unique Melody
  • Matrix


AmpCity are very kindly funding the venue, which is now booked and paid for. They have put many hours into finding a suitable venue for the most popular date decided upon in the poll (02/04/2011). Without their help and generosity this meet may not have been possible.

Organising Committee




Saturday, 02/04/2011.


Crystals of London
Crystal House,
2 Agate Close,
London NW10 7FJ


Room is available 1000 - 1800.

  • We need time to setup tables, so we'll open the room to kit bringers at 1030 so they can setup.


The event will open to everyone at 1100


  • Right between the M4 and M1, easily accessible from the A406.
  • Close to tube stations on the Central and Piccadilly line (Zone 3).
  • Close to reasonably priced hotels with parking (Holiday Inn, Travelodge and Premier Inn).
  • Venue has 8 on-site parking spaces and apparently street parking usually isn't a problem (no yellow lines near by).
  • At least 30 tables (each 5' * 2.5' - room for two people per table), plenty of chairs and 32 plug sockets (people will need to bring power gangs as per previous meets).
  • Capacity for 200.


Crystals of London Photos 123.jpg


How to Sign-Up/Confirm attendance

In order to confirm your attendance at the meet, please PM jr41 with the following information:

  • Your real full name.
  • Your telephone number.
  • Any kit you're bringing.
  • Whether you're bringing an additional person (we would like to limit the number of additional people that attendees can bring to one, and even then please consider that places are primarily for head-fi members interested in attending the meet). 
  • Whether you're interested in attending an evening meal and social event after the meet.


Your forum alias and the kit you're bringing will then be added to the confirmed listings below.


Since AmpCity are kindly paying the venue costs for the 2011 UK Head-fi meet, there will be no attendance cost.

Had AmpCity not been so generous, entry costs would probably be in the region of £15 each.


As such, we thought it would be a nice idea to setup a Just Giving page for a hearing related charity, so that if attendees wish to, they can donate a small sum to charity instead.




Many thanks for your contribution!



There will be a raffle, to which AmpCity have kindly donated one set of Unique Melody Aero Custom IEMs! smial1966 is kindly donating a RSA `The Tomahawk'. www.highendworkshop.co.uk, who will be present at the meet, are donating a Hifiman HE-4.



Other details

  • EddieE is working on a programme which will list all gear at the event with room to write listening notes, etc. I've seen a few mock-ups and EddieE is clearly a talented graphic designer!
  • A few suppliers have expressed interest in exhibiting their gear, including Graham Slee. Nuwidol has been working with a number of suppliers to secure gear for the meet - there will be more details to follow!


Nuwidol has arranged for Head-Direct to supply the Hifiman HE6, HE4, RE-272, RE-262 and HM-601, along with Audez'e to supply a number of LCD-2's!


AmpCity will be exhibiting the following gear:

  • Lite Audio LT-One
  • Lite Audio DAC 83
  • Lite Audio DAC 68
  • Lite Audio P100
  • Blacknote DSS30
  • Calyx DAC 32/192
  • Calyx Kong
  • Audio Gd Reference 7.1
  • Audio Gd NFB-2
  • Audio Gd NFB-12
  • Audio Gg NFB-11ES
  • Audio Gd NFB-7
  • Audio Gd NFB-10ES
  • Audio Gd Phoenix
  • Audio Gd  C2.1
  • Audiotailor Jade
  • Matrix Mini-i
  • Matrix M-Stage
  • Matriz Cube
  • Hifiman EF5
  • Hifiman HE-4
  • Hifiman HE-5LE
  • Hifiman HE-6
  • Hifiman RE0
  • Hifiman RE-Zero
  • Audiotailor Jade
  • Unique Melody Mage
  • Unique Melody Miracle
  • + variety of headphones from Sennheiser, Denon, AKG, Grado


www.highendworkshop.co.uk will also be bringing the following gear for us to sample:

  • AKG Q701 (one in white and one in green) Borrowed from AKG
  • AKG HD242 (the new High Def headphones) Borrowed from AKG
  • Cables Ixos Ixocita interconnects 4 sets of one metre cables (maybe more)
  • Power block by ISO8 (this stop DC voltages and spikes)
  • Stax 007 headphones
  • Stax 007t amplifier
  • Hifi-Man HE4 / HE5le / HE6
  • Hifi-Man EF5 Amplifier
  • Schiit Audio Asgard / Valhalla / Lyr ( highendworkshop are the new reseller for the UK )
  • Omega Headphones stands for all Headphones
  • Ayre QB9 and a good USB cable
  • Ayre CD player or maybe the new blu ray player
  • Laptop to work with the Ayre QB9
  • Assortment of high quality power cables, blocks (which are mine) and also many normal power strips and power cables


For safety reasons any mains connected electronics needs to be housed in a suitable enclosure which is properly earthed.



There is a Premier Inn very close to the venue. If you phone up, ask speak to Lauren, and quote 'Head-Fi UK Meet' to her, they can provide 1 room for 1 night at £75 incl. breakfast (you can book for two nights at £150, which I've just done). Lauren said the rate will start to go up soon, and so advised to book as soon as possible.




There are 70 parking spaces at the hotel, which are allocated on a first come first served basis, at £6 per night's stay.


The hotel only opened in October 2010 and gets good reviews on Trip Advisor.


Post Meet Meal and Drinks

Good news - after the last place cancelled our reservation, thanks to help from EddieE, I've booked another restaurant:






The table is booked for 1930


It's a bit further from the meet - about a 30min walk - so some may prefer to get taxis. The menu is on their website - it would help streamline things if everyone worked out what they want, the cost, and brought the right amount of money in cash (plus tip) with them. Thanks.


- So, put 02/04/2011 in your diary, subscribe to this thread, and PM jr41 - as per the above - if you wish to attend! -


Edited by jr41 - 3/30/11 at 11:46am
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Confirmed Attendees - Final Listing

Last updated 30/03/11


Alias Headphones Amp DAC Source
alvin sawdust Sennheiser HD650 (SAA Endorphin re-cable) Superlux HD 681 Darkvoice 337se Williams Hart Chiara Class A DB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC Macbook Black
Antistase AKG K340 (modded a la KT88 and re-cable) Beyerdynamic DT48-S (re-cable) Beyerdynamic DT880 Beyerdynamic DT480 (re-cable) JFet MIlletMax 1.2 Grub DAC Marantz CD80 (modded) Play Station 1 (modded)
binkobonko Grado SR60 Grado SR 325i RSA Hornet   iMod
Bizzel Sennheiser HD 650s (APS Re-cable)   Benchmark DAC1 Squeezebox 3
breezy_amar Shure SE530     ipod classic
cn11 Ultrasone Pro 900 (warrior05 re-cable) Earsonics SM3 Sony MDR-EX1000 Sennheiser IE8 Headstage Arrow 3G   Sony X1060
EddieE Stax SR-303 beyerdynamic ET1000 YamaLux HP-1 Alessandro MS1000 FiiO E7 FiiO E9 FiiO A1 Stax SRM-Xh beyerdynamic N1000    
ElectroMod Yes Yes    
elton7033 AKG K701 Sony MDR CD900ST Westone ES3X UE TF10pro (Null Audio Enyo re-cable) ibasso D12    
Fing Sennheiser HD800 Stax Lambda Pro Stax Lambda Pro Signature SinglePower Supra Toaster Stax SRM T1 MHDT Havana DAC  
FlexPen76 Westone 4 Super.Fi5 EB Etymotic Er6i      
gavinfabl Fischer Audio FA-003 Sony mdr-xb700 denon ah-c751 Fiio e9 Fiio e7  
Germs HifiMan HE-6 Beyer Dynamic DT770 (80ohms) Decware Mini Torii Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 Smyth Research Realiser
hardtarget666 Sennheiser HD 650 (Zynsonix Xev Balanced re-cable) Earsonics SM3 Audio-gd NFB-10ES Graham Slee Voyager   5.5G IMOD Pure i-20 Dock
headinclouds Sennheiser HD 650 (high purity copper re-cable) Linsley-Hood Solid state class A amp Borbely Solid state class A amp   Arcam FMJ CD36
HiFiEr Yes Yes    
Jimmythemook Foxtex T50RP (Modded)      
JoetheArachnid woodied Alessandro MS-1s HiFiMAN RE-ZERO Creative Aurvana Live HifiDIY Panda    
jr41 Sennheiser HD 650Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Westone UM3X Little Dot MK IV SE Nuforce uDac 2 Little Dot DAC_I Macbook Air
kofk Sennheiser HD 650      
Loveairplane Shure SRH840 Shure SRH440 UE Super Fi. 5 Pro Meier Corda 3Move    
mrq Beyerdynamic T1 (Black Dragon re-cable) AKG 702 Sennheiser IE8 Audeze LCD2 (ALO audio RW8-S Silver/Copper balanced re-cable) Audio-gd NFB-10ES   Macbook Pro
nhat_thanh Audio Technica AD2000 (Cardas recable) Head Direct RE262 Sennheiser IE7   Nuforce uDac  
Noodleday Audio Technica ath-w1000 Sennheiser hd600 Westone um2      
Nuwidol JH JH13 Pro W/TWag Ultimate Ears UE700 Hifiman HE6 Hifiman HE4 Hifiman RE-272 Hifiman RE-262 Hifiman HM-601 RSA Protector   iPod Touch 4G
P4Z Audio Technica ATH-AD2000     Sansa Fuze (Rockboxed)
parafeed Beyerdynamic T1 Sennheiser HD 800 JVC HA-DX1000 Halcyon DIY tube amp DIY AD1865 SE tube DAC Logitech Transporter and Touch
Parrots JH13 JH16 Westone ES5 Triple Fi 10 pro custom reshelled Westone 3 Earsonics SM3 Monster miles Davis tribute Monster turbine pro coppers, Monster beats tour (control talk) Klipsch custom 3 Klipsch image x10i Sennheiser IE8 Crystal Piccolino (cable) TWAg OM (cable) Alo Rx Ibasso D4 Ibasso PB2    
Ra97oR Audio Technica ATH-AD1000PRM Audio Technica ATH-WS70 Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 (Crystalline pure silver re-cable) iBasso D2+    
severanth Sennheiser HD 650 (balanced cable) RSA SR-71B  

ipod classic ipod touch Mac Air with Amarra running iTunes

shaunybaby Sennheiser HD 650 Grado 225i      
smial1966 Audeze LCD-2 ALO MKII RSA The Shadow Meier Corda Stepdance TTVJ Portable (Slim) Decware Zen Head Yamamoto HA-02 fi-Quest Grace m903   Cypher Labs AlgoRHythm Solo
Somnambulist       Nationite S:flo 2
szlf619 shure scl5 klipsch x10i      
TomForshaw Alessandro MS1 AMB Mini3 Millett Minimax Hybrid AMB Gamma 2  
tommyjp klipsh s4      
tranhieu AKG K1000 B22 (Balanced) Buffalo 24 DAC (tube-i-zator output stage)  
tuahogary Panasonic HJE900 Sony MDR-EX1000 JVC FX700 Radius DDM Final Audio Design 1601SB Ortofon e-Q7      
Type35 AKG K702 Nuforce Icon HDP    
vkvedam Denon AH-A100 Shure E500 iBasso D10 Neco V2   Macbook Pro 17" Onkyo ND-S1
zenpunk Fostex T50RP (Modded) Sennheiser HD650 AGK K702 Ultrasone Pro 900 Grado SR225i JVC DX1000 Westone 3 JVC FX500 Denon C750 Meier Concerto Darkvoice 336SE Meier Stagedac Onkyo NDS1 +iPod Touch 4G



alvin sawdust



AKG 702
AKG K1000
AKG K340 (modded a la KT88 and re-cable)
AKG K701
AKG K702
AKG K702
Alessandro MS1
Alessandro MS1000
Audeze LCD-2
Audeze LCD2 (ALO audio RW8-S Silver/Copper balanced re-cable)
Audio Technica AD2000 (Cardas recable)
Audio Technica ATH-AD1000PRM
Audio Technica ATH-AD2000
Audio Technica ath-w1000
Audio Technica ATH-WS70
Beyer Dynamic DT770 (80ohms)
Beyerdynamic DT48-S (re-cable)
Beyerdynamic DT480 (re-cable)
Beyerdynamic DT880
beyerdynamic ET1000
Beyerdynamic T1
Beyerdynamic T1 (Black Dragon re-cable)
Creative Aurvana Live
Crystal Piccolino (cable)
Denon AH-A100
denon ah-c751
Denon C750
Earsonics SM3
Earsonics SM3
Earsonics SM3
EB Etymotic Er6i
Fischer Audio FA-003
Fostex T50RP (Modded)
Foxtex T50RP (Modded)
Grado 225i
Grado SR 325i
Grado SR225i
Grado SR60
Head Direct RE262
HifiMan HE-6
Hifiman HE4
Hifiman HE6
Hifiman HM-601
Hifiman RE-262
Hifiman RE-272
JH JH13 Pro W/TWag
JVC DX1000
JVC FX700 Radius DDM Final Audio Design 1601SB Ortofon e-Q7
Klipsch custom 3
Klipsch image x10i
klipsch x10i
Monster beats tour (control talk)
Monster miles Davis tribute
Monster turbine pro coppers
Panasonic HJE900
Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
Sennheiser HD 650
Sennheiser HD 650
Sennheiser HD 650
Sennheiser HD 650 (balanced cable)
Sennheiser HD 650 (high purity copper re-cable)
Sennheiser HD 650 (Zynsonix Xev Balanced re-cable)
Sennheiser HD 650s (APS Re-cable)
Sennheiser HD 800
Sennheiser hd600
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD650 (SAA Endorphin  re-cable)
Sennheiser HD800
Sennheiser IE7
Sennheiser IE8
Sennheiser IE8
Sennheiser IE8
Shure E500
shure scl5
Shure SE530
Shure SRH440
Shure SRH840
Sony MDR CD900ST
Sony MDR-EX1000
Sony MDR-EX1000
Sony mdr-xb700
Stax Lambda Pro
Stax Lambda Pro Signature
Stax SR-303
Superlux HD 681
triple Fi 10 pro (custom reshelled)
TWAg OM (cable)
UE Super Fi. 5 Pro
UE TF10pro (Null Audio Enyo re-cable)
Ultimate Ears triple.fi 10 (Crystalline pure silver re-cable)
Ultimate Ears UE700
Ultrasone Pro 900
Ultrasone Pro 900 (warrior05 re-cable)
Westone 3
Westone 3
Westone 4
Westone ES3X
Westone ES5
Westone um2
Westone UM3X
woodied Alessandro MS-1s
YamaLux HP-1



Alo Rx
AMB Mini3
Audio-gd NFB-10ES
Audio-gd NFB-10ES
B22 (Balanced)
beyerdynamic N1000
Borbely Solid state class A amp
Darkvoice 336SE
Darkvoice 337se
Decware Mini Torii
Decware Zen Head
FiiO A1
FiiO E7
FiiO E9
Fiio e9
Graham Slee Voyager
Headstage Arrow 3G
HifiDIY Panda
iBasso D10
ibasso D12
iBasso D2+
Ibasso D4
Ibasso PB2
JFet MIlletMax 1.2
Linsley-Hood Solid state class A amp
Little Dot MK IV SE
Meier Concerto
Meier Corda 3Move
Meier Corda Stepdance
Millett Minimax Hybrid
Neco V2
Nuforce Icon HDP
RSA Hornet
RSA Protector
RSA The Shadow
SinglePower Supra Toaster
Stax SRM T1
Stax SRM-Xh
TTVJ Portable (Slim)
Williams Hart Chiara Class A
Yamamoto HA-02 fi-Quest
Grace m903



AMB Gamma 2
Benchmark DAC1
Buffalo 24 DAC (tube-i-zator output stage)
DB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC
Fiio e7
Grub DAC
Little Dot DAC_I
Meier Stagedac
Nuforce uDac
Nuforce uDac 2
Wyred 4 Sound DAC2



5.5G IMOD Pure i-20 Dock
Arcam FMJ CD36
Cypher Labs AlgoRHythm Solo
ipod classic
ipod classic
ipod touch
iPod Touch 4G
Macbook Air
Macbook Black
Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro 17"
Marantz CD80 (modded)
Nationite S:flo 2
Onkyo ND-S1
Onkyo NDS1 +iPod Touch 4G
Play Station 1 (modded)
Sansa Fuze (Rockboxed)
Smyth Research Realiser
Sony X1060
Squeezebox 3 

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Meet Rules

These are the standard set of rules for a Head-Fi meet. Please review before the meet, and observe at the meet, to ensure everyone has a good time, we don't have any problems, and that we can continue to enjoy meets in the future. Many thanks.


Personal Hygiene is important.

  • Wash your hair and your ears--and behind your ears.
  • Avoid the use of products like hair gel, hair spray, mousse, etc. some of the headphones you'll have the opportunity to try cost more than a good used car.
  • With all the gear & other members, it could get warm in the room. Dress accordingly.


The most important thing of all is to have fun.

  • Meets are Great, so be prepared to have a great day with fellow Head-fi members.
  • If you don't have any gear to bring, that's OK. Just bring your ears.
  • You can try whatever gear you want but be polite, ask permission, don't be a gear hog, etc.
  • If you have any questions about gear, look for the owner and ask. Or just ask whoever is listening (after they're done).
  • Everyone is very friendly and will be glad to answer you.
  • Do not be shy.
  • Mingle.
  • You will find everyone to be very friendly & helpful.
  • Most of all enjoy yourself & take the opportunity to hear gear you normally wouldn't get a chance to, or are thinking of buying.


Get organised.

  • Take a mental (or written) list of what you want to hear. If you do this before the meet, leave some time to look around and listen to some surprises.
  • You'll be overwhelmed with the amount of gear that will be at the meet.
  • Read the impressions thread afterward. You'll realize you missed listening to something you wanted to hear.
  • Time Flies at these meets.


Remember that you're trying out another member's gear.

  • Treat all gear with the utmost respect.
  • Ask if you're not sure how to operate any gear, or you're just curious about the system setup. Some gear requires headphones to be plugged in at all times, some gear doesn't like it when you unplug headphones unless the volume is turned all the way around. Don't just assume that everything works the same way. Just ask, it can save a lot of heartache.
  • Respect the owner's wishes.
  • Give it all the velvet cushion treatment.
  • If you have any doubt or questions, ask.
  • Do not place headphones on top of other gear--if you're not sure where to put it, ask the owner.
  • Do not remove any gear from a setup without the owner's permission.
  • Do not remove any cables or make any other changes to the setup without the owner's permission.
  • If you do take gear away from a table, or borrow cables, adapters, or power strips, try to remember where you got it from, and bring it back when you're done. In all the excitement, it's easy to forget where you got that 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone adapter.
  • If you listen loud remember to lower the volume for the next person.
  • If you don't know or are just curious about something, ask someone. Anyone. Someone knows, or knows someone who knows.

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Ahem. Anyway, very excited that the ball is finally rolling downhill on this. I'd like to applaud the work that ALL of the organisers have put in, especially jr41 for his tireless work and Musicol for coming up with the idea. The venue looks fantastic, another kudos for AmpCity for finding it.


Oh, and people: don't forget to change the link in your sig if you've got one.

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That is great :)


A big thank to the organising committee !

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Originally Posted by JoetheArachnid View Post

Oh, and people: don't forget to change the link in your sig if you've got one.

Very good point! 

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Great work and big Thanks to all involved. Starting packing now....biggrin.gif
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Superb, really looking forward to this. Looks like a nice dancefloor, anyone for the soft shoe shuffle? normal_smile%20.gif

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Originally Posted by alvin sawdust View Post

Superb, really looking forward to this. Looks like a nice dancefloor, anyone for the soft shoe shuffle? normal_smile%20.gif

Ha ha! Everyone should bring along their portable rig so we can have a Headphone Disco!

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Subbed. Hope to make this.

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Originally Posted by jr41 View Post

Other details

This announcement is hot off the press (AmpCity have literally just booked the venue) and so there are obviously further details to be decided:

  • We will be asking people to confirm their attendance and list any gear they're bringing in due course. We just need to determine total places and gear exhibition places available, etc., at the venue (based on expressions of interest so far, there should be plenty of space for everyone).


Great News.  I'd just like to say thanks to MusiCol, Nuwidol, EddieE,  jr41 and of course AmpCity for making this happen.


re. confirmation. Do you want us to re-list the equipment here or pm you?

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I'm excited to see that there'll be some HeadAmp gear available to sample. My latest DIY project is essentially a GS-X so it would be interesting to compare the two if there's one available.

Thanks to everyone who put in time and effort in order to get this organised, I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to it.
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Originally Posted by MrQ View Post

re. confirmation. Do you want us to re-list the equipment here or pm you?

Not sure yet. I suspect it will be a case of asking people to confirm and list the kit they're bringing via PM, and once they've made a donation, etc., we'll add the attendee and their kit to the confirmed list in this thread. 

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Indeed, thanks to all the organisers for getting this set up in what is really quite a short space of time, not to mention the sponsors for paying for the venue and potentially suppying some great equipment.

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Can't wait for this!

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