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Just got my ATH-M50...

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And I'm a bit dissapointed...more specifically the bass.


I was told it would satisfy both my needs as a person that listens to dubstep and instrumentals.


Is it possible that it's because I haven't burned them in yet? As I just opened them (got them from Audiotopia so they are legit) and tried them.


If so, can anyone link me to the pink noise thing so I could burn em in?



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Try burning them in. I noticed a huge difference when I burned in my M50. However, there was a decent amount of bass already before I burned them in. The bass won't rattle your brains and teeth, but it should be enough to satisfy.

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how long must i burn them in for?

And I really do enjoy how clear they sound.


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The bass is clear and tight from the get-go. I'm not a believer in burn-in and therefore didn't go for it, but after a period of time of listening to the headphones the bass got stronger for rap/dubstep songs, so some time might do the trick.


Also, your name is ironic. "No Regret", yet you regret your purchase so far... heh.

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Here is a nice article you should take a look at regarding your M50 and burn in:



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When i got mine out of the box they sounded horrible, now (about 100 listening hours after) they are very good, try burning them in for about 50hours and use .flac, or mp3 320 kbps.

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Op must be a basshead. wink.gif

Mine sounded good out of the box (strong bass)

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are you running them directly out of computer or ipod/music player?


i noticed a dramatic improvement in the bass department when i listen through my emu 0404 headphone out.  much punchier and more powerful bass

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I thought the same that you did, until I got a decent sound card (~$100)  for my computer and now they are just awesome. If I am using my portable player, my cowon d2, I have to EQ them to make it sound like I want...

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The M50s have some of the strongest bass response of many of the headphones I have owned. They provide a clean bass response that extends down well. If you are looking for warmth in music there are other choices. Let your M50s burn in and you will notice a difference. If you don't want to explore more, then slightly EQ them to increase the lower & mid bass response.

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I thought the bass was fairly lightly emphasized on M50, there are quite a lot of headphones with stronger bass output but M50 does a great job at delivering bass that never overpowers the rest of the range at all. The small soundstage and slight present sibilance in my ears is what I didn't quite enjoy though and bass could have been a bit stronger for my taste.

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I have a FiiO E7 and using the max bass EQ makes it literally sound(and feel) like a subwoofer on my head. They seem to respond very well to EQ, so maybe that's all you need.
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Yes, the E7 can significantly increase the overall base of the listening range. It will "warm" up everything. I think this is what many are referring to. The M50 has great bass response, but it is clean and not overly warm. If you are looking for more warmth, check out the Denon line of headphones. That should do it. 

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I hated the M50 out of the box but it grew on me eventually

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Surprised no one mentioned this yet and I am not that familiar with the M50 but isn't there two versions? The older one that had more bass and the newer one that does not?

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