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Phiaton MS 400 vs ATH M-50

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I need help. I can't pick between these two. I read one review it says go with M-50s. I read another and then I lean towards 400s. PLEASE help me figure this out. Looking for best sound quality of the two, comfort is also huge, bass is another factor (not muddy), and high volume distortion is probably the biggest thing. HELP ME!

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Try this one out: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/433318/shootout-67-portable-headphones-reviewed-beats-by-dre-solo-v-moda-crossfade-added-02-13


Unless you want "style over function" then get the MS400. But I believe the M50 is just a touch above the MS400, excluding the looks department.

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Not so long ago I did a shootout against my M50s. I found it almost impossible to beat them. I bumped up to the 200, 300, 400, 500 dollar level to finally find a better unit (my tastes of course). The Sennheiser 600, 650, the Denon AH-D5000 and the Denon AHA-100s were my new favorites. So, in short, keep your M50s, until you try one of these. To my surprise, I was disappointed by the Phiaton MS400s. They lacked the range, smoothness, and soundstage of the M50s. My suggestion of course, but i hope it helps. 

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Phiaton MS400 definitely has more bass than the M50, so that's a point for the Phiatons in that department. It's impossible to accuarately gauge bass quantity though. You can't quantify how much bass you need in words so the only way to really know is to try them out. For me, the  M50 bass was too weak, for you it might be perfect.

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uh... ?


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Not a good sign when your son is about to plot a prison break.
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uh... ?




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I would go with the ATH-M50. I love the MS400, but it sounds no better, maybe worse, and is more expensive and delicate. Really annoying rubberized cord too.

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hmm, so imo the ms400 is very musical, very very musical. If you want to be impressed by vocals and the musicality of your music XD then get the MS400's. I you want to be wowed by sound get the fun sounding M50. Both have bass, the M50 bass is punchier though, and the M50 has more treble. So again the MS400 will give you goose bumps because you will feel your music, not literally, but like just feel the mood of your music, and with the M50 you will be blown away by the sound. Both are great headphones, honestly very different. Unfortunately I sold my MS400's, I kinda regret doing so, but still great headphones, and the M50's are more versatile, which I think is the reason I sold my MS400s. 

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