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Need Headphone Recommendations (HD-650 < ???) for Sub $500 Budget

Poll Results: Which pair of headphone(s) would you recommend over HD-650s based on my music taste?

Poll expired: Mar 4, 2011 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% (0)
    Grado RS2i Reference Series-2 Stereo
  • 25% (1)
    AKG Acoustics Q701BLK Quincy Jones Premium Class Reference
  • 0% (0)
    Denon AH-NC800 Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear
  • 0% (0)
    Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Audiophile Open-air Dynamic
  • 25% (1)
    Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional
  • 0% (0)
    Ultrasone HFI-2400 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Open-Back
  • 0% (0)
    AKG K 272 HD High-Definition
  • 50% (2)
    Sennheiser HD-650s (They are still the best)
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So my current setup is Sennheiser HD-650s using an iBasso T3 portable amp on a Cowon S9. I also have a Cardas cable coming.


What I'm wondering is for the price range of $250 - $450ish if there is something that you guys prefer more (e.g. Grado R2i, Denon AH-D5000). I listen to mostly hip hop, R&B, house, and some alternative/rock. 


I also have the Denon AH-D2000s because I like the bass and like the closed ear aspect for traveling. 


Anyways, feel free to shoot out models you guys like. I used to have the Grado SR225is and I really liked those. 


Not looking to spend over $500 so Beyer T1 and Sennheiser HD-850 are out of the question. 




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I can tell you that if you really like the Denon AH-D2000, you will really really like the AH-D5000. I was pleasantly surprised by the difference, tightness of the response, natural tones and bass. 

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